Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rich People Suck

I know I said I would never do E-bay again, but I was mourning my chicks that will never be and in a late night attempt to make myself feel better, I bid on 10 fertilized eggs from a chicken breed that I really like (they lay blue eggs, our other chicks were just going to be mutts).

Well, there are two hours left and some asshat went and outbid me. Against my better judgment, I tried a higher bid, but this a-hole obviously has more disposable income than I do.

I feel like our second batch of Closet Chicks have been stolen from us already. WE MUST HAVE CHICKS, DAMNIT!

And we don't want to wait a freaking month or more. I need new chicks NOW.


Beth Byers said...

have you tried ?
all eggs, all the time :-)

Unknown said...

Wow, that is interesting and they are cheap. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind. Thanks!

Judy said...

Wow, you really can get everything on ebay! Happy egg hunting!

Unknown said...

You should look into and snipe the bid. Your chances of getting things at a lower price are much higher.

As an eBay seller, I shouldn't be telling you that. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the kitty, I think that I look exactly like that when I am outbid on something that I was certain should be mine. Good luck chick hunting!

Kira said...

I can't believe you can buy fertilized eggs on ebay. That's so... creepy. Very, very, creepy. I wonder if you can buy any other types of fetus (feti? Fetuses?)