Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shameless Bragging

Big Kid just sat down and asked me to read him a book and I jokingly told him that he should read it to me instead. He opened it up and read the whole thing! Easily! It was a 2nd grade level Arthur book. He doesn't even sound out the words, it's like he just recognizes all of them. He was as surprised as I was as sentence after sentence flowed out effortlessly.

Also, have I mentioned that little kid is The Best Snuggler? For as much as he can make me crazy, I have never had that sort of intense, loving, physical connection before. A million times a day he'll walk up to me and lay his head on my lap so I can stroke his hair, or hug my legs tightly while I'm trying to do something, or reach for me to pick him up so he can snuggle his face in my neck while I pat his back. His little body gets all warm and pliable and just melts into you. He immediately makes himself comfortable for the long haul. He'll push his face onto my lips, searching for kisses for those fat little cheeks and soft little forehead.

He also has no qualms about giving out hugs or kisses (tight lipped, slobbery little things) to anyone who may need one. He kept getting in the space of a young couple at the jazz concert we were at and when we finally decided to intervene and rescue them, the girl held out her hand for a high five and he wrapped her up in a tight, long hug instead. He is just delicious with that plump little body and the way he revels in physical affection.

I just wanted to make sure to point out some good things about him so that when he reads this in 30 years, he can't pull that whole "I knew you liked him best" business in regards to his brother...they both annoy me equally and I love them both in different ways.


Melodie said...

My older girls try to pull that "you love her more than me" bullshit on me all of the time. And I've explained to them over and over and over again that they are completely different people and I love them equally, but in different ways. Maybe one day they'll actually believe me.

As for lk, the e-bull ones are also sometimes the sweetest, too. They can't help being e-bull, so they make up for it in sweetness.

And BK, way to go with the reading! You'll knock your kindergarten teacher right out with your super-kid abilities.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet side of lk. Although you posted this a while ago by now I'm sure he has pooped in the bathtub and grabbed a snack from the garbage.

Rock on with the reading BK!

Anonymous said...

You are such a fabulous writer. You're so effective with what you say that the reader truly feels what you are talking about. It makes me want to be there and get some good 'ole LK loving myself. He's a doll and way to go BK for the reading! That didn't happen naturally. Good job, mom!!!