Thursday, July 3, 2008

Listen Up Babies

You know the main problem with babies?

The fact that they just do not listen.

You can have the cutest idea, but if they're not down with it, it's not happening.

These two babies were CUTE. Man, oh man. Their big brother was a total doll too, but twin baby girls WITH hair?? So stinking cute.

However, they were uninterested in having me dress them in flower bonnets and force them into flower pots and really weren't so keen on the pink tutus either. Who can blame them?

Unfortunately, I ran over on my studio rental time, so by the time it was all said and done, I made $15. Then add in the gas to get there and subtract the material for the tutus and, well, hopefully I got some great shots for my portfolio, and if I'm really lucky, mom will be a big picture person who will want to buy all of them, or at least a loyal customer who will allow me to continue to torture her daughters with my artistic ideas once they are at an age where bribes are accepted.


~Gretchen~ said...

babies are nuthin but trouble

Anonymous said...

Kids would be so much easier to deal with if they didn't have their own opinions. I hear it just keeps getting worse. Why do they think they should be able to think for themselves?