Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Productivity Report

I'm getting so much done these days that it is FRIGHTENING.

What if I'm changing? What if I end up rich, organized and successful? Will we have anything to talk about? The more I do, the more I FIND to do...and then I do it.

It's shocking and scary.

Photography business picked up in a major way and I have lots of appointments booked and several orders to place. I try to only book one session a week because I'm lazy like that and I have three in the next week, because I'm so busy. Interestingly, I recently decided to bump my prices a little bit. Not only has no one batted an eye, but I have more business than usual. If I get this full time job, there will be serious experimentation with what exactly the market will bear and what different types of clientele will result. I've also vowed to stop being so nice, which seems like an odd vow to make as the owner of a business, but I'm getting pushed around a bit here and there. When in real estate I was good about detecting who I needed to be very firm with and who I could be friendly with, but I didn't think if would be as necessary in a creative business like photography. Wrong. Ashley is really nice but she is no longer your BFF in every business transaction. She is friendly, but she is mostly your photographer.

Someone called me about A REAL ESTATE DEAL out of the blue today. SELLING real estate at that. I immediately scoffed and said no way and redirected him, hung up, thought about the money, and called right back with a "You know..." and then made all necessary phone calls and looked up all kinds of stuff, just like the old days. I haven't been on the sales side of real estate for quite a while, so this is a surprising turn of events. I'm even willingly doing my continuing education instead of begging others to do it for me and inquiring about somewhere decent to hang my license just in case I get tricked into doing this here and there again.

I called the HR lady back. She was super, duper nice and I guess the person I need to interview with is unexpectedly in the hospital so everything is on hold until they figure out what to do. My mom said I should have offered to interview in the hospital and I totally should have. I can't be inconvenienced with other people's illnesses, I need an answer on this whole job thing.

I folded two loads of laundry, washed another load and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I'm also seriously considering vacuuming. The vacuum is even out.

I turned my eggs, which are developing very nicely. I think we're going to have chicks! They should be due to hatch on Big Kid's birthday!


Unknown said...

Can you please pass some of that enthusiasm over here? I am caught up in the blogosphere and am not able to get out! Kudos for your productivity.

Anonymous said...

YAY! You go, girl! I know when I all productive like that, I get panicky and think that I better back off before people start expecting too much of me... I can't wait to hear about The Job!

Melodie said...

I was totally productive all weekend long, but I lost my mojo once Monday hit. Please send some my way.

Also, if those little chickies do hatch on BK's birthday, you'll have to name one of them after Katie for me, since they share the same birthday.

Rebecca said...

Who are you, and where is Ashley?

Kayla, Nic, Paige, Ellie and Maddy said...

Well at least someone is having a good day!

Slacker Mama said...

Holy shit! You're bringing Work It Out Wednesday...With Wine! back!

Is this NLP: RD V2.0?????

Woo hoo! Off to open a bottle in your honor!

Steff said...

As a business owner myself, I have learned that I can't be nice anymore, I haven't vowed to not be nice yet, but I'm headed that way.

Why do people ask me to perform a service, then get offended when handed the bill?

Or why do they ask me to perform a service, they don't feel comfortable doing, but then tell me how to do it?

Why do people call me and b1tch me out because they messed something up, and can't fix it, but (again) get offended when handed a bill?

Sorry, had to vent!


Yay for the babies!!!!


You should maybe go to the hospital, with one of those nice plates of cookies or cupcakes, hehehe, and ask for the interview!

Jen said...

The only way I get productive and energetic is by drinking Mountain Dew. Maybe it's time I try it again. I am drowning in crap to do over here.
But, I'm encouraged by your productiveness, at least!

Anonymous said...

BTW, whatever you're taking, can you please mail some to Texas? I need it!!

Sonya said... sound like you have been busy and productive all in the same day! I can be busy...but not productive, unless you consider commenting productive! :)

Great job though....I didn't vacuum today, that was the one thing I passed up...thanks for reminding me!

Much Love,