Thursday, July 17, 2008


little kid loooooooves popsicles (knock off Otter pops, the kind in the plastic sleeve).

Unfortunately, he can't stop at just one and Big Kid eats at a snail's pace, so once little kid has slurped his down and finds out he's not allowed to have another, he watches Big Kid eat his and cries, sometimes even attempting to physically overtake Big Kid and his popsicle. This results in screaming and fighting and fun for the whole family.

The non-talker even has a word for popsicle, it sounds a lot like "gooklygoo". Once he finds out he's not having another one it turns into GoooooklyGOOOOOOOO, a really sad wail. He's doing it now. He knows he's not having another one until after dinner and he just can't handle it.

Even worse, Big Kid chose not to have his yet and little kid WILL.NOT.UNDERSTAND this whole timing situation. It will seem utterly unfair and he'll cry his very saddest cry.

That I will be forced to listen to.


Melodie said...

Katie loves popsicles, too. She always goes around saying, "I wan posicle. I wan posicle." And if she doesn't get it, WATCH OUT!

Angie said...

Cute popcicle story. They are called 'poppy' by the non-talker in our house and he doesn't get the whole timing thing either. I'm too lazy to deal with the screaming though so he can have as many as he can eat before my BK finishes. That'll also teach the big one to eat faster or hide ;)

Mitch said...

Chay just doesn't get the whole icy pop thing -- popsicles are fine, but stick it in a plastic tube and he freaks out. I swear he's going to get frostbite from the frozen ice pops this summer.

ErIn said...

I read this a few hrs ago and I swear I've heard that word before and it just hit me! Does he was Wow Wow Wubzy? I swear they talk abotu gooklygoos on there but have no idea what they are, lol.


Kira said...

Plastic cups, wooden mini-dowels, watered down fruit juice. They're the biggest, baddest, cheapest, healthiest gooklygoos this side of, well, plain ol' ice I guess. If you start 'em young enough, you can get them to be giddy over frozen water with a dash of lemon on a stick. You can add food colouring for that neon "authentic" look.