Saturday, July 26, 2008

What to Wear

Here's what I'm thinking for Interview Wear. Don't look at the prices, we'll figure that part out later.

These pants (maybe in plain gray, I don't know. Black?):

from Gap.

I actually have 900 pairs of Editor pants from the Express, which would probably suffice, but I really like those pants above. I love trousers. I don't have gray Editor pants, if that strengthens my case any. Also, there is a chance, although a slim one (pun intended), that I am now a size 6 in Gap pants and I just have to see. That also means that my Editor pants could all be too big. I'm thinking I NEED new pants.

Before we talk about shirts, can we discuss the obsession with cap sleeves, princess sleeves, flutter sleeves, look at Ashley's fat arms sleeves? I don't like my upper arms, I'm not sure why all short sleeve shirts have evolved into something that either barely covers the shoulder or feels snug around my arm. I Can.Not.Stand.It. No more please.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe this:
because that color would look awesome on me and it looks like it has good arm coverage without any squeezage.

or this.

With this as a distant third, even though I kind of think the neck tie thingys are gay looking and it is a lot of arm exposure:

I also like this, this or this.

Probably with big, but not ghetto huDge, hoop earrings and I don't know what else yet. I'm also not sure on what kind of shoes will look good with those pants. (Catfish?)

So would I look hire-able?


Melanie Sheridan said...

That yellow skirt is amazing. Not liking the blue shirt with the tie. The first white shirt is too casual, the red is great. With the trousers you need a nice wedge or stacked heel, not a stiletto. Yes, you'd be hireable.

Joy said...

Hell if my legs were that long and my arse was that skinny I would have hundres of those editor pants!

Anonymous said...

I think your editor pants would suffice if they fit well. I'd also go with the 2nd shirt. It's more dressy. Once they get you talking, though, your clothes won't matter. You're a genius and they'd be ignorant not to hire you!

Melodie said...

My vote is get the shoes from Catfish, grab the credit card, and go shopping. Don't worry about the price because you KNOW you're going to get the job and you'll have plenty of money then to pay for whatever you buy.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a skirt. It is too steammingly hot for pants! I know-eye roll from Ashley.

Anonymous said...

Love the pants- you should definitely get them. Never do you need to feel better about the way you look than on a job interview. I prefer shirt #2, with #1 being a close second. Don't really love #3. Because I know you need to know what we all think.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, while your mom may have a point with the skirt and it WOULD be more dressy, I DO like the pant look. Especially if you have a nice ass as I'm sure you do! LOL As for tops, I like #2 the best of them all.. most of those shirts show your entire arm and as a fellow upper arm hater, I was drawn to #2 for coverage and looks. Just maybe not quite as tight so you don't look too sexy. ;-)

Just Lisa said...

I love the pants, but if you have a lot of nice slacks already, you should probably wear what you have, and then splurge on the pants AFTER you get the job.

I love that second blue shirt, the button down one from j crew. Steamy hot!

SWAW Samantha said...

You must buy those pants. They are hawt and yet still professional. I'm not crazy about those shirts though. I don't know what FL people do for "dressy" in the heat, but some of them are a bit boobalicious.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about where you live, but in my area regardless of the type of job once you are above entry level administrative assistant positions you have to do the whole button up shirt, blazer, pants or skirt. Even the creative positions! Now if you are in a more relaxed area, I'd still go with the second as long as its not that tight on you.

KatBouska said...

Buy the pants. Buy the second shirt unless you sweat. Sweating is not good in such a shirt. would be a nice touch to bring your interviewers flowers with a little note that says something like "I'm poor, my kids are driving me nuts, and if I don't get this job I'm pretty sure I'll kill myself"

Unknown said...

In my area, wearing a business suit to work is like wearing an evening gown to the grocery store. It'd definitely be overkill.

The position I'm interviewing for is a mostly work from home, mom-related, writing position that would also involve me promoting the project to the local mom community.

So I feel like I need to look like the effortlessly, best dressed mom in the playgroup. I don't want to be too business-y, I want to look more professional/friendly/approachable/fashionable

I don't want a skirt because it's too hard to find a great length for my short legs and it would be unlikely that I'd wear it as often afterwards. Besides it's a bunch of women, I can't have them threatened by my great legs. I can wear the pants to anything and their office has a/c as does everywhere else.

I'm going shopping today!

Unknown said...

LMAO Kat! I just might...

Anonymous said...

Definitely shirt two. (Shirt three is... just wrong.)

Mary Beth said...

I vote for the Gap trousers. I love them! In fact, I might have to get a pair of those for myself. They would be a great pair of work trousers for me too : )

The trousers paired with shirt #2 would give you that effortless well-dressed mom look that you are going for.

Happy Shopping!

Maddness of Me said...

I know what you mean about the cap sleeve shirts. I especially have a problem with the collared button down shirts with the puffy sleeves that button at the (short) sleeve.

And it's not like my biceps are huge either.

I think those shirts are cute, but it's like trying to tuck a pair of jeans into tight knee length boots, it's not happening.

As for the ones you picked out, I love them all. They look comfy.