Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Kid's New Gem

Big Kid fell in love again this weekend.

Saturday night we went to the free summer jazz concert our city sponsors and met up with Girl Crush and family.

I've mentioned before that Girl Crush's daughter is heart breakingly beautiful. In fact, I credit her with my initial success in photography because she is so stunningly gorgeous that every mom who sees her pictures wants ones just like them.

Big Kid has always been impressed with her beauty, but has struck out on prior attempts to socialize (remember that time he told her that he pooped and it was only two small turds? She wasn't impressed).

Well this time she was overjoyed to see him and they played rambunctiously all night long. They danced and chased and wrestled and laughed on the lawn, with the sounds of a saxophone serenading them.

We had fun as adults, lounging on blankets and having some drinks. Have I mentioned lately how freaking pretty Girl Crush is? My mom finally met her and even she was impressed. I'm not trying to sound all lesbo here, just trying to paint an accurate picture.

(Life is going to get so weird if I ever tell her about the closet)

They invited us over for swimming later in the week, and it's all Big Kid could talk about on the way home. He woke up in the morning and his first words were, "I love Ruby." I could only answer, "I don't blame you." He has been harassing me about seeing her ever since.

little kid also partied hard all night long, totally oblivious (and uncaring) of the fact that the big kids wanted nothing to do with him. I watched some 6-7 year olds tell him to go away, and he stood there, pudgy arms swinging, fat little tummy stretching the front of his shirt, smiling and shaking his head...making it clear that he wasn't going anywhere. They kept looking at me to take him away, and I would smile, making it clear I wasn't taking him anywhere. He PASSED OUT on the way home, and slept past 9:00am the next morning.

Catfish and I used to go to these same concerts when we were little. Her dad often played in the band and we would run around the hotel and beach, getting in and out of the pool all evening and lying on the lawn and watching the stars while listening to the band play. I remember how much fun it was, and how that felt like summer to me, being out late on a hot night, listening to jazz and being generally unsupervised.

So it was kind of neat that my boys had a similar summer night (minus the lack of supervision), and it brought back good memories.

Ruby and Big Kid are going to the same school in the fall, so it will be interesting to see how their friendship progresses. That poor boy falls hard and fast, although in this situation, it's easy to see why.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... I love summer! Glad you guys had fun!

Rebecca said...

Poor Emmers... :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's got your taste. Maybe you could have a 4some. LMAO!! Ok, sorry, that was sooooo sick!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got goose bumps. I loved those summers! Remember when my brother walked by that one pool and all the Moms were sitting there with thier children in the shallow end and my brother said, "remember kiddies this isn't a public bathroom" and he just kept walking, like no biggy. Good times, good times.

Unknown said...

Catfish, LMFAO! I forgot about that and now remember it plain as day. Your brother is so freaking funny. On Saturday there was a wedding there too, I remember that happening a few times when we were kids and peering through the windows and gathering the tulle circles and bird seed.

Those were the days!!