Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today, Yesterday & A Really Long Time Ago

Today was fun. We actually met up at another girl's community pool which totally kicked ass. Gradual incline entrance, waterfall bridge, poolside bar, huge hot tub...niiiiiiice. I really like the other girl too, her and I would be hanging out if I liked to leave my house more.

They both wore bikinis. Can you believe it? Girl Crush's was technically a tankini but with the boobies out and string bottoms and tummy showing, it hardly counted as one. I can't believe they are both so skinny, it's really depressing. I may really have to start working out or doing something to increase my hotness. Damn. One would think being 5lbs from pre-pregnancy weight would be good enough, but noooooooo.

Can I share with you a nice side effect of advertising yourself as a recluse? (Of course I can, because you'll all read just about anything.) Everyone is really excited to see you and takes it as a personal compliment when you do come out. Also, no one takes it personally when you don't come out and it's easier to assume the same level of friendship when you know someone hasn't been avoiding you, that they just like to stay home.

I really think I'm onto something here.

Last night I went to Borders to escape. You know, I'm sorry that I said I was too creative and talented to work at Borders. Not that that's not all true, but I really do want the job. I applied online but I figured after seeing me all night, and how friendly I look, and the smart books I read, and how nicely I put them back on the shelf, that they'd want to hire me. So I gathered my courage and asked the person who seemed to be in charge if they were hiring and she cut me off mid-sentence and said no but I could apply online.

Someone was obviously feeling a little threatened.

(Okay, probably not but it makes me feel better to think so.)

I guess I'll try Barnes and Noble, which isn't as nice, and then Books a Million, which is just plain ghetto.

Then I went to Lynda's house (aka Em's mom), and we commiserated over our brokeness. She had to break down and buy 200 thread count sheets. I was, and am, really sad for her. Once you get used to 600 thread count sateen...anything less is just plain cruel.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot with this super cute little girl whose parents are super cool. Dad plays drums in a punk band and mom is a fun English chick and they are always up for whatever I want to do. I have a pink petticoat, striped leggings and a crochet beanie with a pink mum attached and she's going to be rocking her high top Converse. We're meeting at the train station. I LOVE parents that let me do whatever I want and are willing to do something a little less traditional.

Unfortch, it's at 9:30am. That is so freaking early for me. It also means no drinking coffee and hanging with you all here in the closet.

HERE is an article for you history/interesting article geeks to keep you busy while I'm gone. Scientists think they've figured out the exact date of the Trojan Horse. That's just amazing to me that that's even possible. If you're a really big dork, go read Margaret George's Helen of Troy. It's a little slow at first, but man what a story. Can you imagine being pretty enough to cause a war? Having the face that launched a thousand ships? It's every woman's dream.


Joy said...

That photo shoot sounds so fun.

I just made Abby a tutu and can not wait to take her pics in it on the beach in a couple weeks while on vacation. Wish you were closer and would snap some for me!

I have become obsessed with making tutus they are so fun. I found a photographer that I am gonna try when we get back and she is gonna wear it then also.

Unknown said...

Tutus are fun to make!

I have to make two itty bitty pink ones over the weekend for 10 month old twins I have an appointment with on Monday.

Marie said...

I just went swim suit shopping today and can I just say that it is ok to totally cover boobs. Apparently someone told someone else that EVERYONE is wearing little suits with nothing to cover the boobs. Hello, I need my ladies covered.

ginster said...

let me say that i am to and beyond my pre-pregnancy weight, but no where even near my pre-pregnancy body. some alien came and took over my body for 9 months and left me looking all broke and busted. thanks! i just buy my bathing suits at sam's and roll with it. it works for me. have fun on your early morning photo shoot!

Melodie said...

I LOVE tutus! I bought a cute little one for Katie at Babies R Us a few months ago and I love to put it on her. She loves to wear it, too, so that's a good thing. I love putting it on her when she's wearing jeans and sneakers, because it just makes her even cuter.

Melodie said...

Oh, and you'll have to tell me how you make your tutus. I'll need more for Katie when she gets bigger. This size 12 months one won't fit her forever - she's nearly two!

Multislacking Mama said...

Is there any way that you can post the LG's pics so that I can see them? I would love to have my fav photog do those for the LM's. I understand if you can't. Thinking about it- it is so cute I can't even think that hard about it.

I'm glad you had a nice pool day. I wear my bikini and I don't give a ratsass if someone else is skinny. Good for them. Well, I am jealous but then I drink another beer and get over myself.

I have a bruise in the shape of mickey mouse on my left buttocks. Just wanted to let you know.

I love you in an internet love way- not a creepy weird way.

Unknown said...

OMg, it must be so fun to do a shoot like that!!

Anonymous said...

Being a recluse can be fun...but then sometimes I get bored. How do I get my friends to understand that I really do love them but don't always want to go out? Sounds like you had a fun day!

Ashley said...

Hmmm. We're both recluses. Imagine that. One more Ashley trait in common. I've been that way for years and it really is convenient. My friends know not to expect me when they've invited me to some shindig, but if I show, they are beside themselves with joy.

I wish I could use you as a photog. I bet you take amazing pics and now I have this darling daughter that needs newborn pics so bad.

Oh well, you just enjoy sunny Florida and I'll kick it here in the sticks of Arkansas.

Mamahut said...

Hope you make gobbbbs of money on your shoot. I wish I could come and watch. UHM, not in a creepy way! I am a wanna be photographer. Long ways from the Ashley. Happy Friday.