Friday, June 6, 2008


Big Kid woke up in the middle of the night coughing and crying, and spent the rest of the night in our bed, kicking me in the head and competing with Murphy for the opportunity to push me over the edge.

I can not stop coughing. I swear I might just be coughing my way to 6 pack abs. Or coughing out an intestine. It just HURTS.

So, I'm not that funny today.

Here are some links instead:

Facestat: Upload a pic and let people judge you OR judge other people's pics. It's kind of addictive. I'm too scared to upload a picture, and I'm very nice when judging.

Interesting photos and commentary on NY throughout the years. (The bad parts)

Ancient City of Babylon used as U.S. military base. Klassy.

Inner City Snail: A slow moving street art project.

List Killer: A trivia game where you list stuff. It's like a dream come true for some of us.

Water Pattern Photos. You'll like these.


-Bridget said...

I was just thinking, "I have way too much to do today and not enough time. What can I do about that?" You've solved my problem. Now I'll fill that time getting nothing done while instead perusing these awesome, interesting links. Thanks Ashley! Always the problem solver!

Anonymous said...

So far I have only looked at the list game and the water pictures and both those links rock! The water pictures were soooooo cool! And I have now gone over my break time because of you and all the time I spent on the list site instead of eating my lunch! Whoops!

Not So Exciting Andi said...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT upload a picture to unless you have self esteem of steel. I loaded a not gorgeous but (I thought) fun/cute photo of myself, and my appearance stats are "not bad" (that's fine) and "repulsive" (*sob*). I have seen some repulsive people in this world, and I never would have put myself in that category. Jesus christ. Now I want to avoid leaving the house ever again to spare poor souls from looking at me. I also pity my husband. Is 1 p.m. too early to start drinking away my sorrows?