Thursday, June 12, 2008


I told my client from last Wednesday that she should be able to see the proofs in about a week.

Now it is a week+1 day later, and I'm just not in the mood to mess with them. They are great pictures, her kid is gorgeous, the setting was perfect, they need no editing, but for some reason I need more time to narrow them down and post them online.

From now on, I'm telling people that they'll have them within 2 weeks and then aim for 1 week so they'll be pleasantly surprised.

I also have tons of closet related emails to answer, a lead on an opportunity to write a published article, store stuff to work on, some administrative sort of stuff re: reviews and/or ads, and so many unanswered personal emails that I'll be amazed if I have any friends left when it's all said and done.

So anyone out there that is waiting on something from me...sorry I suck. Consider this your apology, and know that I'm thinking about you.


Maddness of Me said...

do you think it would be tacky for me to put that on my work screen saver?


Maddness of Me said...

You could do what my wedding photographer did and say 6 to 8 weeks.

Then everyone is happy and pleasantly surprised.

Sasha said...

For some reason I read that last sentence as "know that I'm drinking about you."

That makes sense too, huh?

Missy said...

That postcard? Well, it IS on my door at work. Maybe that's why they promote me shamelessly. If you JOKE about procrastinating, maybe they will fail to notice that you actually ARE procrastinating. Profound!
Allright, time to come clean. I'm a lurker of several wks and your blog is becoming addictive. Thanks for my daily dose of smart-ass!

Unknown said...

I am such a procrastinator. In fact, I'm procrastinating right now by reading your blog instead of doing something that might make me some cash.... or clean my house... or wash the mountain of clothes that is developing in front of my washing machine...

I'd rather read blogs.

KatBouska said...

Sheesh, you're one busy mama! Keep it up and maybe Mr. Ashley can stay home with the babies!!

My good friend is a photographer and she gives 2 weeks, I think more time is a good idea!! And NO I'm not sleeping with her.

AFRo said...

I hope that your funk subsides soon. I've been missing my Ashley lately, but I totally understand how you must be feeling on the heels of the life changing event.

#1 Rule of business: Under Promise and Over Deliver. From the sound of it, you've got that figured out.

MzLiz said...

Dear Ashley,
Please update your blog. I am very bored and don't want to be forced to do anything productive.

Insane Mama said...

OH MY GOD... Please don't shoot the cat! I'm here, spare the kitty. Now, just take a deep breath and some quick yoga and lets get to the root of your procrastination. We can do this together

The Driftwood Collector said...

That's one of my favorite demotivators. Hubs gave me a framed copy as a gift when I was slacking off about my senior thesis in college.