Monday, June 2, 2008

No Big Deal

So I was just coloring with the kids, because I'm a good mom like that (not really, it was just this once), and would you believe I still suck at coloring?

What is it about staying between the lines that I have such difficulty with? I also can't apply even pressure. Kathy's 4 year old can color better than I can. The kid is a kick ass colorer though.

However, my inability to stay between the lines didn't stop me from nagging Big Kid about his:

Ashley: Did you do this one or did little kid?
Big Kid: I did dat.
Ashley: Oh, it's really good but you need to work on staying in the lines.
Big Kid: (looks at me, goes back to coloring)
Ashley: Did you hear me?
Big Kid: Yep.
Ashley: Well can you say something back to me when I talk to you, so I know you heard me?
Big Kid: I would but I don't hab nofing to say about it, 'bout you not likin' me not colorin' in da lines. I didn't say anyfing about when you colored da dalmation bwown.
Ashley: Yes, you did, actually you said a lot about it.
Big Kid: Oh well den, it's not a big deal, bemember?

I guess it's really not a big deal. I don't think my inability to color within the lines has affected me much as an adult.

(I also really DIDN'T need math.)


Mitch said...

I didn't need math either. Still don't. That's what calculators, computers and excel spreadsheets are for.

Maddness of Me said...

Not being able to color between the lines is a sign that you are a bobcat in the sack.

AFRo said...

Damn... You gotta dread when Big Kid gets older. He's entirely too smart already.

KatBouska said...

Well I was WONDERING what was going on over here after about 2 quadrillion of your readers came over to see Maile's creation. :) Thanks for the shout out! It's much appreciated.

ps Maile is starting to talk down to she is the mom and I am the kid and quite frankly I'm not diggin' the role reversal. How is it that most of my day is spent reasoning with a 4 year old?? What kind of classes is big kid teaching and when did Maile get wind of them?? Make it stop.

Not So Exciting Andi said...

You mean your kids actually color with the crayons and don't eat them? I WISH I could sit down and color with my maniac of a child, in or out of the lines.