Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wit's End

I'm just at my wit's end with little kid.

He just climbed up the vacuum and grabbed a lightbulb that was sitting on the center island, so that he could throw it to the ground and watch it shatter into 9 million pieces.

So he's in timeout for the 4th time this morning.

Time out just no longer phases him. 1-2-3 Magic no longer works. Spanking does not work. Positive Reinforcement does not work (and I just can't spend all day applauding him for not hitting the dog with a golf club). Making mommy sad or mad does not work. Being ignored does not work.

Earlier he was in time out and I went to free him and found him in there naked. I scolded him for taking his diaper off and gave him a little slap on the butt and asked him if he was sorry. He said, "No, no, no" and laughed wildly. I left him in timeout for longer, but what am I even supposed to do?

He is so sweet and so cute, but it is just exhausting and exasperating.

For the anonymous Closet doctors, I'd be more likely to agree with your Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnosis if he wasn't an absolutely charming, well behaved doll baby in public and with others. He's also not autistic. So you're going to have to continue tracking his symptoms and throwing out your anonymous diagnosis (what IS the plural for that?? I'm not looking it up.)

I'm also hoping you have the authorization to prescribe medication (for me) to go along with the free medical advice.


Anonymous said...

I won't post anonymously and I won't say he has a medical problem. I think it could be that he knows he is cute and sweet, based on your treatment of him, so he feels he can act out. That might be giving him way too much credit but its an idea.

Maybe make your voice really mean, like you just found your dog eating your most expensive shoes or something, then switch it back to nice once you get his attention. Good luck with whatever you try... he sounds like a handful!

Unknown said...

I remember when our oldest was three years old and I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed the front of his bib overalls, picked him up and held him up in front of my face, at eye level, and said, calmly, "Louie, if you don't quit fucking with me, I'm going to wrap you up in a rug so you can't get loose and I'm going to leave you there until you're 21." It worked for about two hours.

Sasha said...

He and WC would get along great. You and I could have some drinks and discuss how they are going to be the death of us. And how they are the sweetest things ever.

I agree, it's hard and I haven't yet upon a complete solution. I'll let you know if I have a eureka moment that might work for you too.

Til then, drink one and think of me drinking one and thinking of you.

Kristi said...

Have you tried moving? ;)

jenn said...

Yeesh. When I was teaching, I had students that sound similar to little kid. My unofficial diagnosis was "attention whores." They wanted a reaction, positive or negative. I had one kid (high school age) THROW A DESK across the room in the middle of a test and then laugh when he scared the shit out of the rest of the class.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

I think you should call Supernanny. Can you even imagine the blog fodder you would get from being on her show?
My daughter was the same way when she was that age. She would grab ornaments from our Christmas tree, run to the ONLY wood floor in the house and toss them down as hard as she could. As long as you are consistant, he will grow out of the phase. Threes are WAY harder than two in my book.

Unknown said...

First of all, I got your love in the mail yesterday! Thank you,it made my day! Now that I think about it, it was the only good thing about yesterday.

So I have a destructive little terror of a two year old who can turn the charm on and off at will also. The thing we have found that helps is giving tickets. These cheap little paper tickets from a craft store. When we see him do something nice he gets a ticket, if we see him being naughty he gets one taken away. Usually about 6:00 we let him trade them in for time on the computer, yes, he's 2 and already loves the thing, or he can get dessert or outdoor time with them. If he doesn't have tickets he goes to bed without a story, which is just awful for him Just an idea. Another idea, buy him something he loves just so you can take it away if needed. It sounds horrible but it works!

Also I found a book that helps called Love and Logic for your Toddler. Some of it is crap but most is great. We use the "energy drain" thing with him.

Good luck and if all else fails make sure you have Rum in the closet! A Lemon Drop Martini makes almost everything better.

My REAL thoughts... said...

Sounds like you have tried everything. Maybe there is nothing wrong with him, he might just be really smart. My niece was like that, although not quite that challenging. She is now 7 and speaks English and Spanish and is extremely good at everything she tries. My SIL thinks she was just bored as a child and so she acted out. FYI--No punishment worked for her either, until she was older, when they started taking her toys away. Good luck!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Does threatening to tell Mr. Ashley have any effect on him? If daddy's name was mentioned that always got me to behave.
Or I suppose you could bribe him with something.

P.S. The plural is diagnoses

Kara said...


Anonymous said...

I hear consistency works best. I'm trying it with my three-year-old, but some days it is extremely difficult. I'm hoping it will pay off...soon.

oh, and the plural of diagnosis is diagnoses.

Southern Mom said...

Can you buckle him in one of those booster seats/ high chairs for time out so he can't remove his diaper? We put one on the floor in the corner of a room for time out and it works ok. At least it gives me a break for a few minutes!

Slacker Mama said...

Oh. I'm so sorry. Does your county have an early intervention program that he can get evaluated with? Unlike the anonymous diagnoses, they might actually know what they are talking about and can help.

Either that or Supernanny.

Anonymous said...

I already told you how my oldest was just like LK and now he is a totally different kid at age 8 and is really smart too so maybe there is something to that theory. About the diaper taking off thing...one of the Chaws recommended something that works for my little one...put on his shorts or pants under a onesie. Then he can't take off his diaper or reach in and use his own shit as an art medium / body paint. Does your high chair have straps? Do you have an old car seat you can use for a time out chair? That is what I had to use with my oldest because he could climb out of everything unless he was strapped down tight. My only other suggestion is to either confine him to one room that is LK proof or to remove anything he can break or use to destroy things. In the am do a quick sweep of the house and make sure everything is out of reach. Put the vacuum where he can't get it. Put all pens away. Treat him like the wild animal he is and make sure he has nothing to get in trouble with. Easier said than done I know because he will likely FIND something despite your best efforts.....le sigh

Lauren said...

Sorry, I can't be much help. I have a 14 month old that seems to be headed in the same direction. So maybe you will get this figured out soon and can give me some help.
The thing that kills me is how just minutes later, they can be the sweetest, most lovable kids.

Allison said...

What about putting him in daycare? I know you don't need the added expense now but maybe having him around other kids will help. If anything it will keep him, instead of you, active and busy for the morning?

Jennifer said...

Girl, you need to get a job and pack him off to daycare to limit your exposure to him! I had fantasies of dropping mine at daycare and now that it's summer I still do wish for daycare. I know staying at home is supposed to be fantastic but sometimes the little turds just won't cooperate and have to act like total jackasses and fuck it up for everyone.

LceeL- you made me laugh. I was just at that point with mine this morning.

Melodie said...

Did your mother ever threaten you by saying, "I hope you have a kid as bad as you are one day"? Because if she did, then you can just blame this all on her.

Oh, and you definitely do NOT want Supernanny coming to your house. She'd probably say that lk is trying to get your attention because you're always on the computer and that you should quit the internet. That just would not work out for us.

Anonymous said...


KatBouska said...

I think this is my fault. Awhile ago I asked for more LK stories and I think he stepped up his game to get on your blog. I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

And I have no freaking clue what you can do with him. Here are some things "they" say work, but I have a kid who's pretty strong willed and little works for her either.

-take away a favorite item of interest
-praise BK for doing things well and being a good boy...maybe reward him with a very special treat right after LK gets in trouble.
-Purchase a pair of handcuffs.
-Take money from his piggy bank and buy yourself something cute. (this has less to do with discipline and more to do with looking cute).

I don't know...I'm just throwing anything out there at this point. We both know it useless. You keep trying and we'll all pray he grows out of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please please...when you find a cure for toddlerism, please let me know. We have it bad at our house. Little boy refuses to even stay in a time out, so of course that doesn't work.
This weekend we are going to try the I am taking every toy you own and donating it to the good little boys and girls!

Jason said...

My kids used to climb out of timeout chairs or talk and play while in timeout.

Then they learned that timeout was the "nice" punishment. If you leave the chair, laugh, talk or just seem to damn happy about it, Daddy will whip your @$$.

Basically, the kid is running you. He's freaking 2 years old....believe me, if you are really serious and willing to work at it then you will win the battles and the war.

Tough love week.....that's what you need. It sucks but it works. No way a kid of mine could get through your daily lists without getting multiple spankings. Actually, they tried but soon discovered that it wasn't worth the consequences.

Crapping on the floor? In the bathtub? The kid is just laughing AT YOU. He is well aware of the rules and would abide by them if they were enforced.....enforcement takes work but it's less work than cleaning up shit all day.

I watched my wife administer a spanking the other day.....pathetic. The boy wasn't even phased. Two minutes later....she was spanking him again....once again pathetic. She wonders why they listen to me but ignore her.

M said...

I think he's purely a smart smart boy. He knows how to test limits and how to get reactions. He and my ZZ would get along gloriously. I think boredome comes into play a lot also. ZZ always seems to act up more when he's been stuck in the house for several hours.

Stick him outside with a hose or a few buckets full of water. Throw in a bucket of ice and he's entertained. Throw in some dirt and sand and you're a saint. We also let him go naked outside. He gets his mischief and his nakedness fix all at once.

massage momma said...

I'm so glad I am not the only one going through this crap. Within the past week Little L has gotten horrible. And it is like a light switch that only she can turn on and off. Last night she was screaming her head off and then 5 minutes later she's sitting on my lap hugging and kissing me telling me she loves me. It's all a trick. But I guess it keeps us from running away.

~Gretchen~ said...

all these ideas and theories are lovely, but reality is that the only hope you have is outliving this stage.

Maddness of Me said...

I've never given birth so I'm not much help. Maybe this is why I hear stories about kids being tied up on the news so much.

A straight jacket for his timeouts? Is that child abuse? Probably. Can't get him liquored up either.

If there was a way to get him worn out so that he doesn't have so much energy, that is the only thing I can think of.

Maddness of Me said...

The only reason I stopped being a brat was because I was scared shitless of my parents.

But then I hate them today, so you don't want that either.

Jaime said...

Do you freak out when he does these things? Maybe you could just calmly ignore him. After some serious escalation, he might give up.

But I love the Supernanny idea!

Unknown said...

Oh and for the diaper issue, we always put the boys in those fleece zip up pj, you know, with the feet? Well you cut off the legs into shorts and you put it on backwards.

It will get better!

Maddness of Me said...


Unknown said...

You all underestimate me. He's HEARD my scary voice. The neighbors have heard my scary voice. Their neighbors have heard my scary voice. I close the sliders before I start yelling so the popo can't come rolling up to interrupt me.

I've also been pretty consistent on beatings, and have no reservations about spanking his bare bunnies if he's been really bad, but he feels no pain. Ever. I've even wondered if he had that super rare medical condition where people have no pain receptors, but he doesn't. He just doesn't really give a crap.

Yeah, I don't even want Supernanny's bossy ass around here. She'd probably want me to take him to the park every day or something...you spend an hour in 95 degree heat, you're the nanny! The Ashleys are recluses, little kid needs to accept that. (yeah, right)

Pre-school is out for now, but a great solution, and happening FOR SURE once he turns three.

I think the Attention Whore diagnosis is right on the money. Any attention works. I need to do better about ignoring him, but damn does he piss me off!! And he loves it. So that is the problem.

Jason, pooping in the tub was actually a misguided attempt at potty training, but the rest of it...yeah, he's laughing at me.

He knows I'm his bitch, he's owned me since DAY 1 and he's not worried about losing his place in the family. Maybe he needs a few months in foster care.

Lceel...2 hours sounds pretty good. I might just try that next.

Unknown said...

Oh, I also love the shorts under onesie idea, that would slow him down for sure. The footed PJ idea is awesome, but we don't have any his size. Well we have two pairs but we go through lots of laundry.

I also LOVE the booster/car seat time out idea. I forget that one before. I'm doing it, he's extra carseat is about to be The Prison Chair.

Putting his diaper on backwards worked for a while, but it was a short while.

Anonymous said...

It can STILL be ODD, even if they are otherwise perfectly well behaved. A friend's son was just diagnosed with this (and that's why I provided the link on Wikipedia...he acts EXACTLY like lk)...and he NEVER had any issues at daycare...just at home with mom and dad. Mom has actually had to QUIT her job to stay home with him and deal with him full time.

Their first step was consulting with their pediatrician who then referred them to a child therapist and early intervention services thru the county.

I wasn't being a jerk by posting the ODD link...no more so than the people blowing sunshine up your butt telling you everything is ok, when you feel it isn't. Constantly being at your wit's end with your child is not normal. Period. You should not have to feel this overwhelmed/tired/beat down/helpless ALL. THE. TIME. And I KNOW you know that.

Talk to the pediatrician. Start keeping a journal about his behavior. Get a consiltation with a therapist.

And hey...if I'm completely wrong, you can come back and tell everyone how that anonymous poster is sooooo wrong and such a witch ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh and he thinks Mr. Ashley is funny too. Friends can attest to the fact that when Mr. Ashley is mad he is SCARY. SCARY. Just not to little kid.

Mitch said...

Grl. I feel your pain! Chay was in time out 6 times in three hours awhile back. He just laughed at me when I yelled at him. FRUSTRATING!

Oh, and brace yourself. We're about to go through some nasty storms!

Unknown said...

Am I the only one who thinks ODD is a diagnosis for "my kid's a brat"?

And that 85% of two year olds probably "have" it?

I'll look into it, but I just think he's high spirited, curious, bored and gets off on getting a reaction out of me.

Unknown said...

Wait...is ODD genetic? Because according to Wikipedia, I have it too:
1. often loses temper
2. often argues with adults
3. often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules
4. often deliberately annoys people
5. often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
6. is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
7. is often angry and resentful
8. is often spiteful or vindictive

Is this something they would give me more drugs for?

Life, Love And Lola said...

That maks me ODD too.

Unknown said...

Holy crap Mitch, you weren't kidding. It is pouring and storming in a scary way. I just saw the doppler and it is ALL RED.

My cable better stay up, I don't have time for another coma.

Okay, I do, but I can't go without internet again.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

You need Clemsongirl Bootcamp. I'll shape that little sucker up ASAP.

No lie. Remove all privledges. that means EVEN FURNITURE. Make him eat his lunch on a paper plate on the floor. Take every damn toy out of his room. Every book, every piece of furniture.

A bored baby will start behaving, I promise. Make him earn it back.

Limit the words, he can't really get all the explaining, but he sure as hell can understand that Mommy is pissed off and I better shape up.

Been there with Jack and couldn't take it anymore. It will get better, but everything you own that's nice will be broken before then....

wasn't that encouraging??

Anonymous said...

My daughter was the same way... not to scare you but she was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 years. I never took her to the doctor because she was an angel at school. It turns out she was just holding it together until 3 o'clock and when she got to second grade, she couldn't hold it together anymore. She's much better now and super smart. But he's too young for any sort of diagnosis of that sort, my only suggestion is lots and lots of exercise. Those kind of kids really need it!

Anonymous said...

The ODD thing is such bullshit. That is like saying a 4 year old is bipolar. I don't have kids but from what you say, you are doing it all right and exhausting every avenue. I would wear his ass out though, except make BK do it... give him a reward for wearing out lk and that might work and you won't be pooped. And the ODD anoynomous poster should link to their site or something. That person annoys me!

Melodie said...

I used to work in mental health clinics, one of which had many child clients, and I've seen my share of ODD. I seriously doubt lk has it. I think he's just an "attention whore" as previously diagnosed by another commenter. My ex-husband was the same way, and unfortunately, his behavior did not get better until he was nearly an adult. And even though he doesn't destroy much anymore, he's still a major attention whore and will do anything to get attention.
Hopefully, lk will learn that positive attention is much better than negative attention very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like LK is very smart and very energetic. First thing: run him ragged. Toddler boot camp, run, jump play singswimrunjumpplay... It helped my little one keep his happy temper. Even at six if he is cranky or difficult (he is the ultimate sweet charmer) I send him out to do jumping jacks or run around the house or shoot hoops; works every time.

However, you still need discipline. I really like the car-seat-for-timeout - and make it really pointed that you are ignoring him. Is your garage a decent temperature? (They are more sound-proofed, you see.) I definitely drank more with my irritating-as-all child (who still has moments at age eleven, but at least he made it to age eleven!). Otherwise, breathe, breathe, breathe.

Elizabeth L. in Apex, NC

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the ODD dx one bit. I have seen ODD in several kids and they do not laugh at hearing no, they scream it right back.

I vote, attention whore and being 2 years old. tough combo!

Anonymous said...

Casey's comment confused me just a little: "I would wear his ass out though, except make BK do it..." Where I'm from, wearing one's ass out means major spanking. I was thinking she meant let BK just beat him up for a while. Minus the fact that I think lk could totally take BK, it made me smile just a little. But exhausting him is a good idea too!

Anonymous said...

it's just a phase...this is what i tell myself (and have been telling myself for the last 3 years). i believe the term that i like the most for describing my kid is "strong-willed". they have an excessive amount of spirit, energy, and intelligence (that we may not even be aware of) and they use it to see how far they can get. i am just happy if i can get my kid to not pee in the cat's litter box (we are potty training right now - we, as in: me, myself & I). (btw: i am writing this and my kid brings me a full jug of sunny d to the computer desk. he's only 3 & i can barely carry this darn thing! and he brought some string cheese)

Anonymous said...

Mrs- I meant have BK play with him, chase him in the yard or something active... Not hit him! Since it is so hot there and trying to wear out a 2 year old will undoubtedly wear out Ashley, I think the task should fall to BK.

I'm torn about the spanking thing... if it isn't working, I don't see the point and even if it is working, I think there is a very fine line before it turns destructive and the kid thinks it's okay to hit. But, not having children, this opinion is completely unfounded and most likely will change when I have kids.

~Gretchen~ said...

i reiterate: you just have to outlive it

Anonymous said...

Well....we have your twin at our house, isn't that reassuring? I have ADD and my husband has ADHD and I tutor/teach kids with this disorder so I have an up close and personal understanding of this. He's bored and trying to find ways to entertain himself. When Jamie gets like this, I take him outside (california-yeah its hot here too) and tell him to run with the soccer ball. I work him like a horse and see how long he can do laps. Usually, his charm and good humor returns after about an hour and a half.

Ashley said...

Nope.. no meds for adult or childhood onset ODD. I'm a psychologist and I work with 3-10 yr olds every single day. It would be a pretty amazing invention.

In other news, get a safe, lock up little kid's most prized posessions, laugh (like him) as you put them in there, and then watch him spend the day trying to get in there. (ps. that is not psychological advice).

Anonymous said...

I've been there and done that. I also agree with most of what's been said. He's brilliant, spirited, energetic, and curious (not ODD). He's also one to push the limits and WILL be a leader and successful b/c of it. I agree with wearing him out and giving him lots of structured, appropriate activity. If you don't like outdoors, do indoor playgroups, walk the malls, playdough, finger paint, free storytime at the library/book stores, take him swimming (it's outdoors, but cooler), and let him play in the back yard with BK and watch from the window (assuming it's fenced). Do everything you can to keep him busy. What's that saying, idle hands are the devil's work or something like that.

Also, consistency and SERIOUS, HARSH consequences. I read up on the strong willed child. They said it had to be HUGE consequences to make it worth it for the child to not misbehave and get your attention. You've got to find his currency. I like Clemson girl's ideas. You'll all live through it and yes, it's a blessing that he's so darn cute or you might leave him in the woods. ;-)

AFRo said...

I cannot stand condescending men who call their wives spankings pathetic. Seriously. I just needed to throw that in here. Thankyouverymuch.

amyblue said...

you have to start pre-emptively the minute he wakes up in the morning. take him outside with finger paints, or let him paint the sidewalk with a bucket of water. give him sidewalk chalk, anything else that let's him get rid of his need to decorate for you.

it must be harder being someplace as hot as florida, but find a shady place in the yard. fence it off, take out your lounge chair, fruity adult beverages and laptop, and blog from there.

the thing to do is to get him busy doing something CONstructive before he has a chance to get DEstructive.

my younger one is a lot like LK, and when i looked back at things i posted when my older one was her age, i realized that she was, too. i just had more patience for toddlerhood when i was a good parent with only one child.

good luck. you'll get through this and he will be your favorite kid someday.

Anonymous said...

He's what, 18 months? Not old enough to be diagnosed with a mental illness. The problem with his behavior lies with you. There are phases and there are kids who are out of control. I hope the tales of behavior are exaggerated.

If not, pick a parenting method and stick with it. Or put him in daycare, but it will not "fix" him. Just gives you time away.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You've got a tough one on your hands. I can relate. My daughter, the baby of the family, has been a monster. Within 2 minutes of getting up this morning she had already kicked and scratched me and had been put right back in her bed for a time out. I so feel your pain!

Kira said...

You have OBVIOUSLY not been a very good Bargain Hunter lately. ;) Otherwise you'd know the solution to this problem.



Just put papers down for him.

(I got my DD to stop pooping in inappropriate places by making her clean it up. Even if it hadn't worked, at least I didn't have to clean it up...)

Anonymous said...

Heck, at least the man is taking charge with discipline. Mine can be a huge softie with the kids and I have to strongly convince him to do otherwise. I don't like being the bad guy, but I sure like when they listen to me. ;-)

I thought of another idea for you that I'm sure you're going to laugh at. What about swapping with another parent twice a week? Someone who has a kid around lk's age. You'd send LK over there and he'd play with their child a few hours one day a week and then over to your house another day with both kids. You can each take turns hosting and can provide planned activities during that time (story time, craft time, painting, etc.) That would give him some structured playtime and help give him activity without preschool. I know you probably think no one would want him, but he's so darn cute and you're bound to have friends who would take him on.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a few comments for our anonymous ODD commenter. First of all, I doubt the child she's speaking of is LK's age b/c LK's behavior is typical for his age. 2ndly, I bet she's never had a spirited child or she'd know that MOST kids are just like lk!! It's normal to feel warn down, beat up, etc. and IF she read your blog regularly, she'd know you don't feel like this all.the.time. Also, I think it's funny that the child she's speaking of was perfectly behaved in daycare , but then the mom quit her job to stay at home and get a handle on him. Sounds like the day care had a handle on him. So I have a degree and background in special education and can tell you of all the ODD children I've worked with, they were a challenge in ALL environments. They were never well behaved children in ANY setting. These were the kids that were kicked out of daycare! Also, my daughter is 3 1/2 and around the same age, 1,2,3 Magic was useless for her and she REALLY started testing the limits. There were/are many times I'm at my wit's end and she's one of the best behaved in her class. This is just kids! It's our job to guide them to making the right decisions and provide the consistency and effective discipline techniques that will work for them. We moved time out into the crib (my pedi. said whatever works), but we had the crib tent. I also went to saying NOW instead of 1,2,3 and if she didn't do it right then there was a consistent, effective consequence.

My point is, I don't think we have ODD on our hands, I think we have a toddler....a very bright, charming, energetic, attention loving, little boy that is also ridiculously adorable!

Sorry for the long comment. I tend to get on my soapbox with all the armchair psychology! Best of luck.

Unknown said...

Well, the tales of behavior are NOT exaggerated, and I refuse to blame myself.

I have raised another VERY well behaved, considerate, non-destructive and independent child. I am consistent and the furthest thing from a softie. He gets away with NOTHING without being punished, its just very difficult to find his currency.

Since he doesn't play with toys, if I took them from him, it would mean more of him destroying my stuff.

I can see our whole living area from the couch because of the way the house is laid out, it's not that I'm not watching him, it's that it only takes one second and sometimes I do have to go to the bathroom or get on the phone.

Daycare is out, I can't even afford satellite tv, and I don't know anyone who will take him a couple of days a week.

I am going to implement the strapped in time outs, wearing him out daily and pants under his onesies (he apparently slept naked last night, I did not know he could unfasten snaps).

I HIGHLY doubt he's mentally ill, it's just not in his nature to please like it was Big Kid's.

Sasha said...

We've got an OT appointment at 10:30 today- she assures me she can give me tips that will help with WC's bad behavior and pre-empt the biting, hitting, spitting, and general 2 year old misbehavior.

I'll let you know what tips I gather.

60 comments! Wow- there are some opinionated people here!

Really, I do agree that what you are seeing is just general Terrible Two behavior. What I am seeing, on the other hand, is worse and is going to get us kicked out of our fabulous childcare center if we don't try to head this stuff off at the pass.

But maybe some of my solutions can be utilized on LK. The obvious one is to drink, and drink a lot. It's VBS week at the Sashas and I've already been through a 6 pack (after I've gotten home from VBS of course).

I'll check back in later. Smooches!

Jennifer said...

Ashley, the idea of being around other kids his age is a really good one. Get out there and meet someone with a kid his age and let him get a little peer interaction. I know you don't really like people, just think of it as a part of your job that really sucks.

A LOT of misbehavior around here comes from boredom so he may need a change of scenery.

Anonymous said...

Run his ass into the ground (exercise). Do it outside in the morning if you can, when it's cooler. My DS (2 yr)tears my house UP if he's stuck inside. And it totally sucks for me, because I have nothing to do outside, except constantly run around taking rocks out of my DD's (1yr)mouth, or helping her up and down the deck steps. Over and over and over.
I know someone with twins who are horrendous, and she removed EVERYTHING from their rooms except for their cribs.(Feel for her, her DH is overseas!) As for the diaper, the onesie and footed p.j's are great ideas. What about masking tape the waist, or duct taping it?
And when all else fails, repeat my mantra "Nap time is coming. Nap time is coming." Nap time to be replaced with bedtime the moment he wakes up.
Good luck, and be thankful you aren't pregnant, and can at least drink alcohol to cope. It's noon somewhere!

Danielle said...

May I suggest "The Strong Willed Child" by Dobson? It sounds like you have a SW child on your hands. I know several people don't like Dobson's approach, but I'm telling you, the man is dead on. Good luck! I've got a couple of SW children of my own! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with consistency the consistency comments. You have to be consistent - pick one type of punishment and stick with it. But understand that it won't happen overnight; it will take time. At this age, a child is starting to test you to see what they can get away with. If your punishments are all over the board, or you're all talk and no action, they'll figure it out fast and take advantage.

Anonymous said...

I recommend the following book:

Anonymous said...

i think it could be a 2nd child/baby syndrome thing. my daughter is and always was an angel, a pleaser, and a sweetheart in all aspects (okay most aspects) of childhood...my 2nd is like lk, a pusher. my experience with other 2nd childs has brought me to the determination that it could be birth-order related & is common behavior for 2nd childs and unfortunately will probably continue in a similar fashion. just based my personal observations of other families we know...including my own childhood (sisters, friends).

Amy said...

Have him run steps and run lines. Do you have a staircase? Give him a reward for running up and down as many times as he can. When he poops out, set up two markers / lines and have him run back and forth between them as fast as he can. If the reward is candy, who cares cause he's working it off. Not that my husband has ever had our kids run steps to wear them out. But if you watch Dog Whisperer you'll learn a lot about how to exercise him for better behavior. Just sayin.

On the other hand, if you fix him, no more awesome lk blog stories for us readers. Big bummer there.

Multislacking Mama said...

Well, wow. I have just read every single comment on here. I do wish for you the very best and that you find LK's currency soon. I will blow some sunshine up your ass because I love you like that and you don't need any mental torment.

We need strong meds and stiff drinks. And some for you, too.

And, good luck to My Sasha with your OT appointment for WC.

Your Favorite Holleh

Multislacking Mama said...

Oh, and can you give him some benadryl?

I don't give it to my LLM, but BLM has "allergies" which cause her to to talk 400 wpm. I have been known to give her a tsp of Uncle Bennie on occasion.

It would probably do the opposite to LK and cause him to climb up onto the roof.