Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sorry Fish

So, when Big Kid graduated, they gave us a DVD with a bunch of interviews they had done with the kids and footage of them playing and stuff.

I wish I could share it here, because it is pure comedy gold, but I can't. Just take my word for it, four is the funniest age. No one will convince me otherwise.

Anyway, at one point Big Kid's class is lined up against the wall and is asked what their favorite activity had been. One little boy says that it was when they cut up the fish and the blood squirted everywhere, and another boy enthusiastically says, "There was so much blood!", and you can clearly see Big Kid in the background, small and white as a sheet and looking queasy.

You can read Big Kid like a book. If he is sick or tired or about to puke, you can see it on him plain as day. He's also got a very weak stomach. He recently gagged and choked all the way through the movie "How to Eat Fried Worms". Yesterday he started dry heaving when he saw that little kid was chewing a muffin wrapper to a white pulpy chunk. If you were to set a bowl of cottage cheese in front of him, he would turn gray and gag.

He was clearly physically repulsed by whatever it was these two were talking about. Then the teacher pulls out a Ziploc bag to show the camera a fish heart and liver (I think?). A fish that they dissected. In pre-k.

We ARE in S. FL and one of the student's father's is a charter boat captain (I'm almost positive this has something to do with it) and I know the teacher loves science...but I am not that thrilled. Especially that it wasn't specifically mentioned at some point, even afterwards. If he had brought this up months from now (as he often does), I would have no clue what he was talking about. I can just about guarantee that whatever day this happened he came home and acted strange and I probably chalked it up to being tired or not feeling well.

He just learned about death, and so far to him a fish is no different than any other animal. I don't eat fish and I'm not sure he really even knows that people do. I would have at least liked the opportunity to have discussed it with him myself.

I asked him about it when I saw it on the DVD and he paled a little and looked pensive and answered everything with a quick but quiet yes or no. I dropped it because I didn't want to turn it into anything, and I love and trust his teacher and am sure she addressed whatever issues any of them would have had at the time, but I still think about it now and then and think it was weird.

I bring it up now because our parks and rec department is offering free fishing lessons, gear and bait included, tonight at one of the parks and Big Kid wants to go. I'm pretty sure it's a catch and release sort of situation, so hopefully it won't be too traumatic (for me...since I don't like eating fish, I don't really enjoy harassing them either).

In an ideal world, I'd be a vegeterian.


Anonymous said...

In an ideal world, I'd be a vegetarian too. But steak is my indulgence and chicken is my everyday food.

I generally try not to eat meat with bones on it b/c I don't want to remember that it was alive. Still it tastes so damn good!

Caren said...

Big Kid sounds so much like my four-year-old and I will agree that it IS the funniest age. My Son would be horrified, absolutely horrified if they dissected a fish in preschool, I completely agree with you that that's too much. Very odd too, in my opinion, is that even Kosher?

My son unfortunately understands what death is all too well having lost his Grammy very recently but I still don't think he makes the connection between food once being alive. Even though it's called "chicken" he still doesn't get it.

Good luck with the fishing thing, I for one could never do it...I HATE fish!

Maddness of Me said...

When I found out how many "milliliters" of gross shit is allowed into our meat, I lost my appetite for it. Then I found out organic isn't really that clean either.

Especially hamburger. I guess it is hard for them to keep the grinding machine clean enough to not pass some pretty gross shit through.

I do love me a cheeseburger a few times a year though. I try not to think about it.

It's all pretty dirt ass. You don't want to check into it.

M said...

I'm usually all up for some gross science stuff...but that's pretty nasty.

My oldest has an awful gag reflex too. Sight, smell, or even thought of some things makes her run to the bathroom gagging.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that is weird. We got a letter from my daughter's preschool, she turned three last week, and it was about the school bunny dying and how they wanted to talk to the kids about death and all... I appreciated them giving us the opportunity to talk to our children first, and explain it how we see fit, but I'd rather have just pretended the bunny ran away... If she even asked... But, holy hell, dissecting a fish in pre-k? Very odd, indeed.

Maddness of Me said...

I'm hoping that you blog some day about how you deal with MOSQUITOS down there in the woods of S. Florida.

Not mojitos... MOSQUITOS :)

They are a big problem here this year.

Can't even let small children outside because a mosquito might carry them away.

Just kidding.


Maddness of Me said...

... but if you want to blog about how to make the perfect mojito, that is fine too


Melodie said...

When my ten year old was five (in kindergarten), I took her and the rest of my Daisy Girl Scout troop on a field trip to learn all about frogs from the local Audubon Society. During the little class, the guy teaching them about frogs dissected a frog for them and let them put on gloves to touch the different inside parts of the frog. Most of the girls thought it was pretty cool. I think I was the most grossed out by it all.

Anonymous said...

I never watch DH fillet fish - BARF. And he has to do it outside, using designated fish utensils and bowls. I don't like watching them get hooked and die slowly in a bucket either, if we're keeping track. ;)

"If you were to set a bowl of cottage cheese in front of him, he would turn gray and gag."

A boy after my own heart! That stuff is repulsive!

Anonymous said...

Get ready if you are doing public school for lots of surprises- talk about a shock and awe campaign.


John Deere Mom said...

Love the post, but your label cracked me up!