Tuesday, June 17, 2008

John McCain is Hella-Old

Job Description: Immediate position available for President of the United States. Computer literacy and ability to communicate effectively a must. Must be in good health and able to meet the physical and emotional demands of this labor intensive position for at least four years. Warmongers need not apply.

Let's forget about everything else (and there's a lot to forget about in order to do that, but I'll keep this short) and realize that John McCain is 71 years old. 72 in August.

We wouldn't really elect a 72 year old into a 4 year office, right? No offense to people in their seventies, but that's really old. Lots of people die in their seventies. There's no guarantee on four more minutes, little less four more years.

A lot of people that age are also very stubborn, and unwilling or unable to change their ways. The man admits to not even being able to use The Google. NOT BEING ABLE TO USE GOOGLE.

Come on.



Lynda Kay said...

GREAT POST!!! And SO true!

Shasta Escargot said...

Oh shit.....I clicked the link to things that are younger than John McCain and it made me laugh out loud!! Thanks, Ashley!! :)

Unknown said...

Very funny, lol

Marie said...

You crack me up. This man is so wrong for the job on so many levels.

Audubon Ron said...

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy, then 46 years old, was assassinated by gun shot wounds to the back of the head.

Born only 6 years before Kennedy, Ronald Reagan was 78 when he left office and made one of the best presidents the US ever had. An assassination attempt was made on his life in 1981.

George Bush, now 62 and soon to leave office is not senile, he’s just an idiot.

Say bye-bye Bush, [ba-bye].

M said...

I was fine, even after the LOL, but the pb&j did it. I spit out my Diet Pepsi.

You now owe me one Dell keyboard. k?thx

momtoabean said...

I think you are being harsh. Google is super hard to figure out. I mean that empty box in the center of the page... what do you put in there? Like letters and stuff??

Maddness of Me said...

I thought he was too old like 8 years ago?

But then there is his VP to fill in. Oh wait, what if it is magic underpants Romney?

Unknown said...

Yeah Ron, I know a president can die at any age...but statistically there's a REAL good chance a 72 year old could die of natural causes within the next 4 years.

And do we need a president who can't control himself enough not to call his wife the C-word in front of others?? I think the hot-headedness scares me more than anything.

Anonymous said...

I'd still rather vote for him than Obama! Rather have someone with experience than one with zilch!

Maddness of Me said...

Reagan had alzheimers when he left office and his wife was running the country.

Can't say trickle down economics = the greatest president either.

Unless I was rich, then maybe I would feel that way.

Jason said...

Old Man McCain.....he is really old. I wonder if he can find his birth certificate. Surely he can find that clay tablet somewhere.

I know one thing.....Obama can't seem to locate his. I wonder why? Is it too much to ask a candidate for POTUS to offer proof of his given name, age and place of birth?

Why won't Obama release his birth certificate? It is a curious thing imo. Hillary's people claim that he isn't eligible to be POTUS but I don't believe that. They say that he isn't a "natural born citizen" and that is the requirement to be POTUS under the U.S. Constitution.

Why won't Obama release his simple birth certificate to squash these rumors? What's the big deal about a birth certificate? Hell, my kid has to provide his in order to play TEE BALL.....yet Obama thinks it's too much for him to release even though he wants to be POTUS.

Weird...really, really weird.

POTUS=President of the United States

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan one of the best presidents ever? LOL! Good one.

Anonymous said...

I much rather have a 72 year old in office with expericence than a man who barely has any experince and does not take a stand on anything.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, Dubya's experience has done us a world of good! Maybe everyone's "experience" is part of the problem.

Jason, I do agree with you that that's really strange. Should I add "documentation required" to the want ad? Probably so.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, McCain takes a stand on lots of things.

Both sides of lots of things, depending on the audience.

Anonymous said...

You mean this birth certificate?


Anonymous said...

I must say that originally I felt a strong pull towards everything Obama was campaigning for in the beginning but now there are just so many things about this man that do not add up. Some of his beliefs and the beliefs of those he surrounds himself with kind of make me cringe. Being President of The U.S is probably the most high profile job in the world and I feel it is important to scrutinize every aspect of the person taking that position. I can see that many
of your readers as possibly yourself are backing Obama and that is fine...I was the same in the beginning because he is such a powerful speaker...but now alot of what he seems appears to be just fluff. Here is a video that I found interesting:

And I know you think anyone who posts anonymous has something to hide...we my name is Jason i am from Texas and do not have a google or blogger account. I have been reading your blog for awhile and love it. My wife and I just had or first son this past friday June 6th and I found your blog months ago while searching for something baby related. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to on a daily basis.


Unknown said...

Wow, another Jason! Thanks for commenting. I know it's even harder for men to admit being in The Closet ;-) but I love it. Also, congrats on the son! As much as I like to bitch, parenthood is an amazing journey.

A friend once told me Obama was either the best thing that was ever going to happen to America, or the anti-christ because he looks too good to be true. Personally believing we are already dealing with the anti-christ, I think we can only go up from here.

I think John McCain is a nice enough guy and a true hero, but I don't think he can conduct himself in a calm, rational manner at all times and that makes me nervous. I mean, he called his wife the c-word in front of advisors?? It just seems like he often speaks before he thinks, and we see what lack of thinking gets us.

I am also VERY scared of possible military implications. It is what he knows. I don't want more war, and I don't want him pissing someone off and getting us all nuked.

And, dude is old. I really can't imagine entrusting the care of our country to someone who can't use Google.

I just wish Oprah would run and put all of our minds to rest.


Thanks Alexis for posting that link!

Anonymous said...

but did you watch my link????

Be fair now



Unknown said...

lol, you lost me when I saw "video" in the link. My attention span is approximately 15 seconds and most videos are longer than that.

I'll watch it, I promise (a little later)

Lipstick said...

I get that this is not going to be the most popular thing ever uttered in the closet, but I think making fun of John McCain's age is purely a form of discrimination. Even if you disagree with him on...oh, say everything...then ok. But give the man the respect he deserves. He was imprisoned in Vietnam when I was born. He sacrificed tremendously for this country and now he is running for President. So, it's fair to criticize his beliefs, voting records, even personal investments, but not age. It is no more appropriate to make fun of his age than it is to make fun of Obama's racial heritage or Hillary's gender. It just looks ridiculous. There is enough fodder in what these candidates say and do...IMHO you don't have to resort to making fun of who/what they are.

Unknown said...

Obviously I disagree, Lipstick. I think the one time ageism is okay is when it comes to electing a president. We NEED a person who will most likely be around for his whole term, and we NEED someone mentally and physically up to the task. Not many companies would hire on a 72 year old CEO...our country deserves the same chance at stability and success.

I respect him 100%, I just don't think he is capable of the task at hand, due largely in part to his age.

Hilary's sex and Obama's race don't put us in as precarious a position as being left without a leader would, also they are able to modernize and assimilate into modern culture regardless of those differences. Someone that can't Google is not assimilated into modern culture and is qualified for VERY FEW jobs.

Lipstick said...

Whoo-hoo! A personal reply from Ashley-I am totally honored. I still disagree about the age thing, but I have to say that there are some pretty bad soundbytes to his credit like the google thing and the comment in the Matt Lauer interview about the troops coming home. I had to blog about that one (sorry, shameless plug). Good luck on the insurance matter. Hope my long ass comment about it made sense.

Joy said...

I am just sad because these are the best we can do. Seriously? No onw else better wants the job, has Bush made it such a bad position to take?

I may vote for some random name on the ballot.

Maddness of Me said...

Oh snap, Alexis! That was great.

I get tired of hearing the experience excuse from everyone on Obama. Especially when they have not bothered to read his resume. His experience is far more impressive than McCain's. "Experience" is a buzz word that the McCain camp thinks they will use to speed boat Obama.

And I'm not even an Obama fan.

What was the dubya's experience? Oh yeah, a DUI and getting daddy to buy him a ticket out of service.

Maddness of Me said...

joy - please don't throw your vote away.

Think about that before you do it.

So many did it in 2000 and look where it has gotten us.

Seriously research each candidate's background, don't just go on media sound bites.

I may sound like a broken record but every time I hear people say they want to throw their vote away on a party or candidate that isn't viable... I get so angry.

Yes, it sucks we have always have to pick from the lesser of two evils. I got it. Whatever.

Maddness of Me said...

Ashley - don't bother with that video. It sites Fox News as the credible source.


The republican propaganda machine has any credibility at all about Obama.

Maddness of Me said...

... swift boat.

yes, sorry - I'm a dork

Anonymous said...

"ME" obviously you did not watch the video for it never once credits Fox News as a credible source. Yes there are exerpts taken from Fox interviews with such people as Reverend Jeremiah Wright...but what the video does is analyze the actual words spoken from the good reverend. (Can you actually be considered a reverend when you preach so much hate?? I might just be a small town country boy but I never remember my reverend using the pulpit to spread hate) Anyway...why does it matter that some of the videos were from fox...it was what Obama and his mentor (the good ol reverand wright)acually said in those interviews...it shows these words coming from their lips...it does not matter if it was interviews from Fox, MSNBC, Animal Planet...these were actually words spoken by these people so how can they be twisting the truth??? I could understand it if it was 2 FOX hired analysts but it never shows that. Many of the video exerpts were taken from C-Span, CNN, ABC News, MSNBC but you never mention that.

Maddness of Me said...


One could argue that Fahrenheit 911 is just soundbites too... so I will be fair there.

Fox is all over that stupid video. First you say Fox isn't a source, then you go on to say Fox this and Fox that. So I'm confused?

Exerpts are taken from Fox (like you said) and they are credited.

I'm not alone in viewing Fox as republican propaganda.

Maddness of Me said...

more specifically, telling me I didn't watch it is not an intelligent insult. Of course I watched it.

Most of the crap in that message is refuted by Obamas website. For one there is video of Obama leading the pledge in the Senate (hand over heart).


Michelle Obama is awesome and she made a poor comment about pride in country. She was talking about all of the grassroots support.

Obama is not a Che Guevara fan. Some wacko nut job in the Houston campaign office hung it. The campaign had her pull it down when they found out but it was too late, it was on Faux News.

Liberation theology is not about hating whitey and is not a Marxist philosophy (theology). If people recall Marx was atheist. Liberation Theology, some say, aligns with Jesus Christ teachings regarding oppression and is meant to inspire and fight injustice, not overthrow power. South Africans, like Mandella, follow liberation theology and when they came to power they didn't go slaughter whitey. BOOH!