Monday, June 2, 2008


Ashley: Hey, thanks for playing so well with little kid today. It was really cool how you let him hang out in your room and play with your toys. You're a good big brother, you definitely get a check mark for that today.
Big Kid: A check and not an X?
Ashley: Definitely.
Big Kid: Do you fink Santa saw it?
Ashley: Santa Claus? Yes, probably so. He sees everything.
Big Kid: And maybe he put a check on his list too?
Ashley: Yep, I bet he did.
Big Kid: Do you fink he ewases da X if you get a check? Like if you told a fib and got an X for dat? Would he ewase it? Or would you dest hab an X and a check?
Ashley: Why? Did you tell any fibs?
Big Kid: I'm dest askin' you a question.
Ashley: I bet good behavior like that gets an X erased. He probably erases the X and puts a check right where the X was, and then forgets all about the X.
Big Kid: So he uses a pencil? 'Cuz I thought he used a marker.
Ashley: It's a Magical Marker, with an eraser.
Big Kid: Wow. Dat's a great idea.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

He sure wanted to cover all his bases, didn't he? Hilarious!

Harmony said...

OMG...Big Kid is so freaking cute!

Melodie said...

He's so adorable! How can anyone not just love him to pieces?

momtoabean said...

I love him :)

Unknown said...

Just be sure he knows that when he gets bigger, it only takes one 'Aw Shit!!' to erase all of the 'Attaboys'.

Anonymous said...

LOL! He's so cute!

Amy said...

I've missed Big Kid since I've been laid low / writhing in pain / not blogging.

I was glad to have multiple posts featuring him now that I'm getting caught up in the Closet!

Well I Do Declare said...

How adorable is that!?!