Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Things

--I need to update my blog roll. My sister-wife isn't even on there. At some point, I decided it would be a good idea, and more convenient, to use a third party blog rolling, thingy. I don't know. Somehow I've convinced myself that this is more difficult, so I dread updating it, and keep putting it off. Also, I dread hurt feelings because I'm bound to forget someone who deserves to be on there, and that's another reason I just don't do it.

--Which brings us to the fact that I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN about the open casting blog roll thing we are going to do. I even got it all into word and only needed to clean it up and make the links and then moved on to something else. Give me three months, people. (has it been three months yet??) That's how long things usually take. It was a great idea, and we're still doing it.

--Questions. I have some question comments that I didn't publish. The old plan was to just save them in the comments box until I got around to answering them. I've come up with a new plan (a new notebook!) for dealing with questions, but need to answer the ones I've got before I implement that. I know, it's annoying, and I should just be able to answer questions as they come in, but sometimes things deserve special recognition or a good answer and it just takes me a while. About three months. Hold tight.

--Another reason I don't answer questions right away in the comments is because Blogger's comment section was programmed by a monkey.

I check my comments in my "Dashboard" thing because I just can't be getting all those emails, and it shows me the commenter's user name (unlinked) and let's me hit "publish" or "reject". What it SHOULD DO, is to let me hit reply right then and there, and even email that reply to you if you'd like to know that I've replied without checking the comments section. It also doesn't let me see what post you've left the comment under unless I have the filter set to that, and I don't like it that way.

Also, I should have the option of going directly to your blog from there, and it'd be great if I could see your avatar at the same time, otherwise it's harder to "get to know" everyone unless I go click on the comments link and read them that way like everyone else. I shouldn't have to read it all twice though. And can someone tell me why when I click on your links in the comment section, it takes me to a little bitty half a screen of your blog? I hope you know what I'm talking about, that annoys the ever living shit out of me.

It is such a bad system. I also leave comments on other blogs and then never go check that comment section again, it'd be nice to know if I got a response. You all should even be able to respond to each other. Community-like and such.

This is do-able, someone from Google get on it. I won't even charge a consulting fee.

--Speaking of comments, our librarian came back and it turns out he is NOT an asshat. He was having a bad day, researching how to collect on damaged books, and came across me and my minions, seemingly flaunting our inability to have a decent relationship with the library or librarians. He left an over-serious late night rant and then came back and admitting to doing so!!

I think this is a closet first, and quite possibly a first for all men everywhere. I am impressed. I will also admit to being ashamed of my inability to be a good library go-er, but the deck has been stacked against me and Carmen has poisoned me against librarians, just like bad library go-ers have poisoned librarians against moms with book issues, such as myself.

He said he was leaving because we told him to, but if by chance he checks back, he is welcome to drop by whenever. It is true that when people start getting pissy in the closet (or the asshattery starts up--LMAO at that comment), others come out of the woodwork too. It was really a wrong place/wrong time situation all around, and we're all (mostly) really fun people. Sometimes we're even kind of smart and interesting, or we link to things that are.

There was also a really interesting debate going on in the "Green" post comments section and we have a very knowledgeable organic store owner in the closet, so check out Free Market Organics,
Amelia seems to know her stuff, and she's nice.

Okay, there's the hodge podge of some of the things I've been meaning to tell you all. I've got the orchestra again today and I need to start thinking about getting ready for that.

Edited to add: And no, I can't promise to stop saying "anyhoo". I totally agree that it is annoying. It's not a real word, I don't even know how it should be spelled and it sounds annoying in real life. That's why I do it though. Just try to close your eyes and breathe through it, it will be okay.


Maddness of Me said...

I couldn't agree more about the comment tool. It's such a total piece of crap that it doesn't even seem worthy to be a beta version.

I get questions on my little blog too. The setup causes me to forget to respond sometimes. There are probably people out there who think I'm rude.

Slacker Mama said...

That truly is a bummer you don't get to see the avatars...I recognize people's avatars now and kind of know some people's personality.

Or maybe that just makes me weird and stalkerish.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that could really use an answer...

Do you have to put on a bra to clean the house?

I ask this b/c I think if I did it might seem like I was supposed to be working and actually finish the cleaning. Would that work?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Oooh! Your ideas for Blogger are ingenius! I agree, Google should hire you as a consultant. good luck!

Anonymous said...

its spelled AnyWHO. and must be said with a preceding sigh

Unknown said...

The chore whore does recommend putting on a bra. It's sort of the same as fly lady wanting you to put on your shoes. Makes you feel all official and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I waited all day on that answer and did finally put on a bra this afternoon and went to the store. Still missing the cleaning. I'll remember the bra for the next chore urge. Thanks!

Mandy said...

Seriously - I love your blog - have I told you that already?:) I kind of fell out of the "blogosphere" for a month but I missed reading your witty and HILARIOUS thoughts - so I am back! As far as your comments on blogger - I just thought I was to dumb to figure out how to do those things (like I had a setting wrong or something)- I am really glad to hear they don't exist! (well not really but at least I don't feel as stupid:)) yeah!