Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boring Random Stuff

So the bee guy (not the same guy as before, this one is clearly lazy) told us to walk around our property and listen to every tree for bees. Um, we have almost three acres!! We have a ton of trees! Mr. Ashley is allergic to bees. We called YOU so YOU (THE BEE GUY) could come and find them. We didn't know we had bees when we had 70,000 bees not far from the back door, we're not the people to be trusted with the job!

I have a looooooooong overdue eye appointment at 4 that I'm nervous about. She's nice but I don't want to answer all of the questions about how often I take out my contacts and whatnot. Also, last time I saw her (2+ years ago) she said that my blood vessels were growing over my cornea and that if it continued my corneas would have to be scraped. Yeah....I don't think so. Corneas and Scraped don't even go in the same sentence. No thank you. I'll just go blind, people will expect less of me that way.

Nothing else to report yet today. Oh! We're out of milk and I didn't notice until AFTER I made my morning coffee. Have no fear, I found a little thing of McD's milk that said it expired on January 1st but it still tasted fine. It was either that or sour cream. I was NOT going without coffee this morning. No way, no how.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? What kind of bee-guy is THAT? He came all the way out and his professional opinion was for you to play bee-whisperer?

I hope he didn't want payment for that gem of advice!

Anonymous said...

In regard to your earlier Bee post, can you just go ahead and write a book already? You are a great storyteller, making even real-life, suck-ass incidents funny and that pull your readers right in. Get on it, ok??

Anonymous said...

I second that! Write a book! About me...I mean us ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea the bee story was freakin hillarious, this other "bee" guy seems to suck.

Oh and the scrapping of your cornea that does not sound like something fun.


Judy said...

I am assuming the scraping of corneas would feel much like a scratched cornea, only about a ZILLION times worse. Yikes.

I am like you about the eye doc, though - DREAD going in. Every time I go, it is something else - glaucoma (yeah, nice at 39, eh?), not a candidate for Lasik (they suck on that part anyway, I'm still mad that they can't get around my thin corneas), that bothersome "schedule" they expect me to follow in regards to the time spent wearing my contacts. Puh-lease. If they aren't torn or scratched beyond repair, I'm wearing them.

Rebecca said...

Will you stop writing so much?? I can't keep up.

Erm, just so you know...blind photographers don't do so well.