Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Give Up Already

Lately, little kid and I are locked in a death match regarding his afternoon nap. He thinks he's going to go down to one nap a day, and he is WRONG.

So every day I put him in there around 3:00ish/4ish, and for the last few weeks he's pretty much just waited it out. I decided a while ago that I'm no longer going to him when he calls for me or cries because then it's a done deal, then there's no way he'll go down.

But would you believe that little shit can keep it up for over an hour?? He has nothing to do in there. He just lays there and makes noises. Why not take a nap? Especially now that we have established that I am NOT going to come get him.

I cannot do only one nap a day. Can not, will not. The day is just too long to only get one break. So, I'm not giving up on this. I don't care if he lies in there and complains and screams and hums to himself for two hours every day, I'm not losing afternoon quiet time.

I WILL win this battle.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I am the sleep Nazi, so I totally agree. Minis go to bed at 6:30 or 7.I also think just let him lie there. If it gets really bad, give him a book/quiet toy. Set the trend 2-4 is quiet time, no matter how old they get...etc.

Best of luck.

Sarahviz said...

Yeah, I don't get these kids. Wouldn't you WANT to take a nap? I sure wish someone would make me lay (lie?) down for 2 hours a day--in the middle of the day. Seriously.

Jamie P said...

Seriously, you are lucky! My LO went down to one nap before her first birthday, despite all my efforts!

Deb said...

I'm with Sarah on this one. I wish someone would force me to nap twice a day every day. I suppose that's the problem with being too young to read. If you get bored laying there, you really have nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

I am dreading the day that the politician gives up his nap. We are already at one nap a day, and it is torture.

Anonymous said...

My almost 2 year old is trying to get out of her one nap a day. Ugh. I am doing my hardest to keep her on the schedule we had before the holidays messed it up. I need her to have that nap!!

Monogram Momma said...

Napping is NOT NEGOTIABLE in my house. Even my almost 6 yr old still naps on the weekends (he doesn't get out of school until 3 so he can't nap during the week anymore).

Mini #2 has been really pushing my buttons singing and playing with his blankie in his room during nap time lately. Then he started knocking on his door for me to coe get home. I turned his lock around now so I can lock him in there. He is 4! He still needs a nap for cyrying out loud. Doesn't he understand that he's a jerk in the afternoon BECAUSE HE'S TIRED?!?!?

Stay stong, Ashley. Napping mothers, UNITE.

Anonymous said...

I have to rock my daughter (same age as little kid) to sleep at naptime. If I just put her in her crib, she would literally play in there - with nothing - for hours on end. Drives me INSANE!


Lynda Kay said...

little kid is such a punk but so effing cute

Unknown said...

I feel your pain... we're down to one nap..
One stinkin' nap.

Anonymous said...

I'm a one-nap household, too.

And. I. Want. To. Die.

The monster doesn't sleep well at night, either. I really don't know how my 17-month-old functions with so little snoozetime.


Anonymous said...

My DD gave up 2 naps around 12 months old. I was SO upset until I realized that she would take a good 2 1/2 - 3 hour nap in the afternoon. It was so much better than the 2 one hour naps she HAD been taking. But, we don't get downstairs until 9AM so it's not THAT long until 1-2 PM.