Friday, January 25, 2008


Where are the photos in my post about the Standard?? Is it just me or is nothing there at all? WTF is up with that?? I don't want to re-upload them again and without the photos, the bachelorette weekend story isn't nearly as much fun.

Oh no. A dreadful day indeed.

What should I do?

ETA: OMG, I am so pissed. I checked again and it doesn't seem to be a poison induced hallucination. Blogging people, have you ever had this happen before?? Fuck, fuck, fuck. I can't believe this sort of shit has to happen when I'm practically on my death bed.

EATA: WHY that post?? WHY this week?? WHY today?? What if this happens to the bald beaver photos?? Why even bother??

EYATA: I would consider re-doing the damn photos for you all, but how do I know it won't happen again?? If I find myself sitting around this weekend, not poisoned to death, bored and caught up on (read: unwilling to do) everything else. I'll try to think about re-uploading them.


Jamie P said...

Yup, they are gone for me, too.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to see them. I inquired about them in my comment on a previous blurb. I wanna see them!

Anonymous said...

I was able to see the first two on the day after you posted but none of the others, at all. I figured it was me & my lame computer skills.

Sasha said...

My photos have disappeared a few times, only to return later... I think it's a blogger hiccup.