Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talk Dirty to Me Chris

I'm watching "To Catch a Predator" and I just have to say (again) that I think Chris Hansen is one sexy bitch.

I particularly love it when he talks dirty.

Chris: Oh you weren't planning on having sex with this 13 year old? (rifling through pages)

I'm gonna lick you. I'm gonna to take my *bleep* out and stick it in your *bleep*, then I'm gonna turn you around and *bleep* in your *bleep* *bleep* because I know you are
a dirty little girl. (looking directly into predator's eyes)

DAY-UM. I wonder if there is anywhere to get a copy of these tapes uncensored? I just love how cool, calm and collected he always is. How on Earth could you read that kind of shit back to the man who wrote it and keep a straight face?

He has a great voice too and the whole suit/nice guy thing gets me.

(Yes, I am up at 2:30am blogging about my love for Chris Hansen. No, this is not the first time this has happened.)


Deb said...

You can find anything on the internet. :)

Pete McAfee said...

I think I'm logged in as Pete & I'm too damn lazy to change that. Just wanted to say that I love you. You kill me.

Pete McAfee said...

By the way, the above was me. Marcelle. Not sure how many people you know who could've possibly have been logged in as a Pete, but anywho (wink), just thought I'd clue you in.