Thursday, January 31, 2008


No more online shenanigans today. I have GOT TO accomplish more than the bare minimum in life.

I really don't want to though. I'd rather be here with you all.

It's getting so bad I'm thinking of going back to the Fly Lady system. I hate all those emails though and I say really nasty things in my head to Fly Lady and her cronies, even though they seem like nothing but nice people.

Just a little too nice, know what I mean? And all that crap like her emailing me to go to bed early and put my damn shoes on in the morning...blech. Like the mom I never had. Because my mom sure didn't harass me like that. If she had maybe I would be a better housekeeper. (read: This is all her fault.)

Who needs it though? It's all just so monotonous and repetitive and pointless. I've actually found that if I spend all day cleaning and picking up after everyone, it just looks the same again tomorrow. However, if I stop doing everything other than laundry and dishes (and only when it is essential), eventually it just doesn't get any worse. All of the weird crap that little kid would ever throw around the family room is already out, so there's really no more mess to make. It works for me, but not so much for Mr. Ashley.

If you see me online today, tell me to go clean my house. Well, if you see me before 4:00pm.


2:00pm. Yeah, 2:00pm.

Like Flylady says, baby steps.

(P.S. I would link you all to Fly Lady but I don't want her somehow following you back here and finding out that I say nasty things about her and Kelly, even if I do mostly just say them in my head. I know she's right and I aspire to her greatness, I really do. I resent her for it at the same time though. Hey, I'm human. So google Fly Lady if you need house help.)


~Gretchen~ said...

I have been at the laundry and dishes stage for a week now. As long as you prevent the house from actually smelling it works okay.

Jennifer said...

I have the maids here working while I am hiding in my bedroom with the laptop. Actually I've been a footservant to my two sick children but they are asleep now and Mama's being lazy.

KatieGirlBlue said...

You make me laugh. When my mother visits us, she freaks out about how messy our house is and sighs and says things like, "I can't believe you don't keep a cleaner house. Didn't I teach you anything?"

To which I calmly respond (while drinking a cocktail and thumbing through a magazine), "No, Mom, you didn't. You hired housekeepers."

Anonymous said...

I have given up on cleaning the kids rooms, well atleast until Sunday when Fil and his girlfriend are coming over he may disown me as his DIL if he actually saw what my house looks like.


Donna. W said...

Flylady really helps me. Sometimes. But I'm sick of wintertime and I've put her on the back burner so I can surf and pout. My sink is empty and shiny though. Oh, wait a minute... it will be clean and shiny very shortly; I'll be right back.

Donna. W said...

Now, as I was saying: At least my sink is empty, clean, and shiny.

Barbara said...

Started reading your blog after finding it through the Bloggie nominations. I've often thought someone needs to start a less preachy version of FlyLady, but I figure there would be copyright issue violations or something. Don't know. Even just a way to sign up for every except the musings and the testimonials would be nice.

Lazy Housewife said...

Ditto what the above person said (zaya, I think). Flylady would be great if I only got the reminders but I do not want to hear from everyone that has been blessed by her overpriced feather duster or calendar.

Betsy Bird said...

I love Flylady, I really do, but I'm afraid subscribing to her is kind of like going low-carb: it works ... until it no longer works. I've been getting those e-mails for four years and here I sit, nosing around blogs as the sun sets, with a crud-crusted sink and nothing to cook for dinner. Someday they'll prove that slobbiness is genetic.