Wednesday, January 30, 2008


2,697 readers today with 4,258 page views...

You're all a bunch of drama lovin' hos!

You better be voting for me for Best New Blog in The Bloggies!

Feel free to vote for me for the nominations in my sidebar too, although I'm not officially harrassing you about that until later in the year (it's a one vote sort of thing though, you may as well get it over with now.)


Jamie P said...

For the record? I've read your blog daily (okay, several times a day) since the Photowow craziness. (one of my bff's is on your Aug. 06 birthboard and told me about all the dramaramas)

I fully admit to being much more generous with my comments as of late. I do have to say though, that you have been blogging at a much more rapid pace than you had been previously. And that? Makes me happy!

Oh, and I vote 3 times a day for your attention-seeking self. :)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I voted woman!

Anonymous said...

I voted today I couldn't ever get it to work yesterday