Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am so Lost

with LOST that I'm past caring. However, Mr. Ashley still loves it (although he doesn't seem to be able to explain what's going on either).

But how is the fat guy still fat? They are stranded on an island. I know there was some sort of pantry of food or something...but wouldn't he have lost at least a LITTLE weight? Give us some realism here.

The whole thing is a little far fetched, but this one detail gets to me. It's Hollywood for heaven's sake, they should figure something out.


Ms. Skywalker said...

Oh no you didn't.

You didn't diss Lost.

(Hands over ears, eyes squinted shut)

And, for the record, Fat Guy is living in the same parallel universe as my freaking thighs.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes she did.

I'm with you...I'm so lost, but man....I LOVE the show. Love it, love it, love it.
I don't know why he's still fat, either. But, sawyer.....yeah.......let's just think about him. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot....about Nip/Sucks...what in the WORLD were they thinking when Christian screwed Gina off the balcony. I literally screamed, "What the Fu....!???" I mean, seriously. THAT is the best way they could end that episode??!!!

Mary said...

Ha at previous thigh comment! Everytime I see Hurley, I always wonder why he's so fat, can't figure it out and drives me nuts!
Voted today, good luck!

Anonymous said...

My brother watches the show, and I asked him the same question about the fat guy. His theory is that he is eating people.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, it's a NEW SHOW and there's damn few of those around these days. I'm so desperate I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Sister Sassy said...

ok, so it's been two seasons since I watched Lost but... HE'S NOT FAT HE'S BIG BONED! lol.. no really, he found the food stash a few seasons ago but then the fake crazy guy followed him around and well..I guess I'm lost too. I love the show, didn't like the committement to have to watch something every week.

Anonymous said...

You are not supposed to *understand* Lost, you are just supposed to *enjoy* it. On mute, if necessary. Seriously: Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond...what more do you want, woman???

youarekiddingme said...

Just found your blog - Love it! I broke up with Lost last year when they decided to have 2 seasons in one season then change the time to 10. I had already been contemplating the break-up, and that sealed the deal. But anyway - I did tune in for a few minutes last night because this show is ALL MY HUSBAND TALKS ABOUT. But the one thing I wondered - why is Hurley STILL FAT??? I guess he's on the same chocolate chip cookie diet that I'm on.

~Gretchen~ said...

Am I the only one who cringes every time Sweaty Fat Man hugs someone? It makes me want to shower.

Anonymous said...


I've been asking my hubby about the fat guy since the end of season 1. The producers should have made him lose at least a couple of hundred lbs. to make the character and the whole "stranded on deserted island with only limited food supplies" seem a little more realistic.

Anyway, I was completely LOST by the 3rd show into the second season and I stopped watching.

SLC said...

I don't watch Lost on a regular basis (okay, I think I watched the first 2 episodes), but I often wonder the same thing about the fat guy still being fat. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he surely should have lost some weight. But maybe not as much as people think...I listened to a LOST podcast (I think that's where I heard this!) and they explained that although to us it's been 3 years, to them it's only been a few months. Not sure how many...but less than six, I'm pretty sure.

Really, I'm just trying to convince myself. If I think about it too much, the incongruity of it would drive me batty!

aka ReggeeD