Friday, January 18, 2008

Look Over There UPDATED---->

Please note the shiny new things over in my side bar.

That's right, I will be harrassing you endlessly, probably for months on end, to vote for me for those awards.

The really fun part is that we can see in real time if you are really doing it, or just being lazy slugs. This means that I can threaten to go on strike until we hit a certain number of votes. Your outward displays of affection are my salary, people.

Besides, this one is waaaaaaaay easier than all of that nomination bullshit I asked you to do. It is really so easy. I just did it for Deb, because she nominated me!

What I really, really, really want is Hottest Mommy Blogger, because really, that is a cool title. I would officially be the Hottest of something. I think I could give up the thought of dieting forever.

However, go ahead and vote for me for both of them because it just couldn't hurt. Being the official Best of something is pretty cool too, especially if parenting is in the title. Then in online arguments I could use that as authority to back up my side in a debate. I'd be like a parenting expert. Oh yeah, that is good. I want to win both.

Also notice a little further down, I have another new thingy from an award Milk Breath and Margaritas gave me, oh about 3 months ago. That is my average turn around time on all things. If you are out there waiting on me for might be a while. I can't help it. I do feel really bad about it, if that makes you feel any better (a-hole).

Don't use that as an excuse to procrastinate on voting though. Do it early and often. Or Else.

Edited to add: I just remembered that I guess the custom is to pass that award on to others. This is something that is going to take some time....give me a month or three.

Edited again to add: Now people are asking the rules, how many times you can vote, when it ends, what you get, etc. and I don't know the answers to any of that. I really *only* know that I was nominated and that I want to win. So if anyone else knows the answers, please share. Thanks!


Kate said...

Do you think they have a category for most juvenile and inappropriate content posted by an adult over 30? Thats the one I want.

Oh yeah, I voted for hottie mc hottie award because....well because...I lesbo love you! :D

Kate said...

Ok I went to vote and I see they do have a blog for Most Obnoxious....yeah baby!

Kate said...

Ok I went to vote and I see they do have a blog for Most Obnoxious....yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

How often can one vote?

Anonymous said...

I voted!!

Angie said...

I voted!! I love reading your blog. I'll check back to see if I can vote daily!