Tuesday, January 15, 2008

M is for Oranges...

Tomorrow I'm snack mom and I have to bring something that starts with the letter M. Originally, I mentioned to Big Kid that we may do Mickey Mouse cookies. However, I came down with a massive migraine today (been happening lately) and remembered that I bought a case of Mandarin Oranges at Costco the other day and decided that would be fine. I also still have marshmallows from the Snowman Soup and they can have those too.

Well I guess Big Kid asked Mr. Ashley about it before he went to bed and he told him the new plan and Big Kid is pissed. He says Oranges start with O and not M and that's not going to work and he wants to bring Mickey Mouse cookies. Mr. Ashley neglected to point out that cookies start with C so that won't work either by his standards and he failed to mention the marshmallows entirely. See why he wasn't on the debate team?

There's really nothing I can do about it now AND I think it is perfectly acceptable. I do not want to hear any bitching about it tomorrow. Besides, I should get extra points for it being a healthy snack.

EDITED TO ADD: Seriously, for the amount I pay them, they should come up with the damn snack.


AFRo said...

THANK YOU FOR THROWING IN THE EDIT!!! I love knowing that I'm not the only mom out there who resents the fact that she has to do anything where school is concerned because we are friggin paying for it!!! I love it.

Renee said...

I wonder if BK will announce to the class that his mom was supposed to make Mickey Mouse cookies but changed her mind and sent oranges instead. This could be seriously bad for your rep with the kids.

-The Renee

(PS I've been wanting to chat with you but I'm having Yahoo issues and can't log into my mail or Messenger.)

Sasha said...

Another mom told me a few months back that when she dropped of thier snacks for snack week (yes, we do it by WEEKS, and there are 24 kids to feed!) it was practically a grocery store in the food storge room and it didn't look like they needed food to her.

So I decided to ignore that it was our snack week a few weeks back, and no one has said anything yet.

I am highly opposed to bringing in food when I pay them a million gillion dollars a week. Seriously, graham crackers are not that expensive.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Interesting...Massive Migraine also starts with "M!" You're so thematic!

I'm obviously not a Mom, because when pressed to think of "M" foods, all I can come up with are the following: Mojitos, Margaritas, Mahi Mahi, Milky Way Dark.

Deb said...

I vote for Oreo Cakesters next time.

You are very prolific this week. I like it.