Thursday, January 31, 2008

People Want To Know

Where little kid got the shirt he's wearing below. I got it from Monkey Boy Clothing on Etsy. He has the Fire Breather one and Big Kid has the Strong Man one, I ordered them for their Circus Birthday Party. I think the post about the party was in August or September. I'd get you a link but I already had to go in search of that link above and hyperlink it and everything and really, that's enough for today.

The shirts are really nice quality though, above and beyond your average t-shirt for sure. The stitching is nice and the fabric is thick and the graphics are really, seriously on there.

Okay, I'm tired. Be proud that I got that info to you in such a reasonable amount of time. Practically unheard of.

Edited to Add: Well damn, I just actually looked at that page and don't see any of the fire breathing shirts listed. You all should email them. I'm pretty sure that with most Etsy people, if you want something badly enough they'll try to help you get it. It can't hurt to ask.

Edited Again to Add: I just looked at the page one more time and see that they have a website at, they would probably rather you go there anyway. I am not going there tonight because I'm tired and can't buy any more stuff right now and I refuse to let you all influence me to buy any more stuff, and I'm tired of doing all of your legwork for you. So maybe the fire breather shirt is there, maybe not.

I'll probably have to check tomorrow. For editorial purposes. I also might have to buy some more shirts just to make sure the product still meets Ashley's Closet expectations. Yeah. That's a plan.

I'll see you all tomorrow.


the rural rube said...

Yes, the fire breather is there. That's such cool clothing, eh? I wonder how they come up with and decide upon their 11 tshirt choices? cuz there's some kinda weird shit there.

SWAW Samantha said...

The fire breather is there. I'm loving the organic cotton. Thanks for the link!

Sister Sassy said...

THats pretty cool site! Have you ever checked out

they have some great baby shirts