Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Emmers,

Happy Birthday!!

I remember four years ago today, sitting next to your mom's hospital bed, settled in for a long labor, when they decided you were an emergency and had to come right then. Oh, I was so nervous and so excited! I called your dad, who was at Wendy's, and convinced him that yeah, he really did need to rush right back. I attempted to cut the nervous tension in the room and keep your mom from totally freaking out. I joked and giggled about having the honor of being there while her pubes were shaved. I congratulated your dad and hugged and kissed your worried mom goodbye, knowing that the next time I saw her, our lives would be changed forever.

Wow, were they ever. I still remember the total quiet in your mom's hospital room the next day. How I crept over and stole the little bundle off of her lap and marveled at the lightness of you in my arms. Folding back the corner of the little striped receiving blanket to reveal your perfect little old lady hands, with their long tapered fingers and perfectly shaped nails. Sneaking a foot out to press a kiss on the soft little sole. Pulling 6 month old Big Kid up on to the bed so he could get his first look at you. I have to admit that he wasn't impressed.

But we knew that as best friends, we had just created new best friends. Made them from scratch you could even say. I still remember rubbing your mom's belly and chattering excitedly about what the future would hold for you two, and watching your friendship grow on it's own has been more fun than we could have imagined.

Have a Happy 4th Birthday Emily! By the way, I had to call your mother yesterday and remind her that today was the day. You're welcome for that. I'm also mostly responsible for the kick ass birthday party you're going to have in a couple of weeks. Just making sure credit goes where it is due.

I love your silly, sassy little self, and so does Big Kid.

Aunt Ashley


Anonymous said...

Wow I am pretty sure you have never made me almost cry before. My best friend and I had our babies just 1mth apart and we hope to someday be related! I love to hear the stories of him and his Emmers that picture of them is so sweet.


Anonymous said...

You gave me the chills. Your talent for writing and capturing "the moment" are only matched by your ability to catch them on film. -Bravo-

Misty said...


Love the pix!! Cute best friends!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for you to write a book, because you could. And your photos are amazing. That pic of Big Kid looking at Emma is TOO sweet. She's just adorable, too.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are just priceless, as is Emmers' outfit. OMG, they are too stinking cute! I wish I lived remotely close to you so you could take photos of my kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love her tights. I wish I could get away with wearing those. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't even know you and I have tears in my eyes! Beautiful story - beautiful pictures.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Love the story, love the pics.

But OMG that last pic of Big Kid and Emmers, precious!

Unknown said...

Okay- when you're funny.. you're funny..
But throw in this serious side, and it always makes me cry. (normally, it would just be teary- eyed but the hormones...)

That was so sweet.
And that picture of Emmer's and bog Kid is GREAT! Just amazing.

Happy Birthday Emmer's!

Anonymous said...

The look in Big Kid's eye in the last one shows true love. She is one cute kid (Big Kid is pretty cute too). This post touched my heart, very sweet. Who would have known you were such a sentimental bitch? LOL

Lynda Kay said...

Awww-what a sweet birthday letter...even when you're announcing to the world (literally) that you watched me get my pubes shaved. They are such good friends now-it warms my heart listening to their chats, catching glimpses of all the stolen smooches that go on between the two (we'll have to keep an eye on that) Seeing him give her the gift he made for her was so sweet. Good job on the cutie-pie matching dresses for "Big Kidette" & Emmers. She's been twirling around in it since we got home.

Lisa Ridgely said...

How sweet! I just love the way Big Kid is looking at her in that picture - total adoration.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! My little girl turned 4 yesterday too, and, like Emmers, was an emergency baby as well.

Love the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! My little girl turned 4 yesterday too, and, like Emmers, was an emergency baby as well.

Love the pics!!!

Dainty Cakes Tampa said...

I just read this post a month late, but that last pic of BK and his Emmers is too precious for words.

You'll have to include that photo in their wedding invitation!