Monday, January 28, 2008


Our troll is back! I was afraid it had wandered off and found a blog that didn't suck ass, but apparently not. I guess even trolls take Sunday off, you know, it being the Lord's day and whatnot.

Since the majority vote was to keep it for now, let's start brainstorming on names. Troll, you may want to get caught up on the comments. Kate had some great suggestions at some phrases that may be halfway amusing or at least make you stand out a little. If we're going to keep you, you MUST step it up. Our first troll totally spoiled us with a passionate dislike of me and some really clever wordsmithing.

Mr. Ashley thinks we shouldn't feed it or pay any attention to its sad self because next thing you know we'll have packs of trolls roaming the place, dropping their turds everywhere. But I'm a sucker for stupidity and I love being told how much I suck ass.

Let's all thank my new friend Holly for the tag on this post. My new favorite phrase.


Jennifer said...

Are you sure you want to keep this particular troll? She's pretty stupid and really, how many times can you hear "suck ass" before it loses it's luster?

Deb said...

So is Mr. Ashley reading your blog now that you're up for an award?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I want the troll either...she sucks ass (sorry I couldn't resist)

Carie said...

Lets just wait and see if she comes up with anything funny. Maybe she will brainstorm with the other trolls!

Anonymous said...

Maybe just maybe she can come up with some good stuff and make her atleast a bit ammusing for the time being. Sorry I am not as funny as you and I don't have any good name suggestions.

BTW I voted today, oh yea and I made an account under my other email and voted a second time for the Blogger award's. If you win the Hottest mommy you have to promise to post a really hot picture of yourself!


AFRo said...

I'm with Mr. Ashley. Trolls are disgusting and obviously uneducated... two characteristics that I am not fond of by any means.

Anonymous said...

I think we should call the troll "Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey".

I've always wanted to pin that name on someone.


Anonymous said...

lindsey lohan+nicole richie+steve-o+skunk.