Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today I Caught Little Kid

-In Mr. Ashley's office with his new digital camera and a lighter (we're not smokers either, so lighters are hard to come by)

-sitting on top of the kitchen table twice, helping himself to pretzels once

-walking out the front door

-Stashing my electric mixer in the deck box

-Feeding Heidi Louise gummy bears

-Throwing cookie cutters all over the pantry

-In the laundry room (beyond the baby gate), showering Heidi Louise with cat food

-Sitting at the dining room table, staring intently at my hutch full of breakable treasures

-Wiping his nose on my comforter

-Trying to sit on Heidi Louise (the fat, old weiner dog with a bad back)

-Pulling all of the wipes from the tub (three different times)

-On a chair reaching for a pill bottle on the counter

-Eating a lollipop no one had given him

-In his crib with no diaper on

-Throwing Big Kid's lunch box over the deck railing

-Standing on a chair to reach dirty dishes (twice)

-Prying his granola bar from Heidi Louise's mouth while pulling her hair

-With 2 different pens

-With three different crayons

-Reaching into the silverware drawer

-Drawing on the playhouse

-Rolling Diet Dr. Pepper cans down the hallway

-Trying to stash Diet Dr. Pepper cans in playhouse when he saw me coming

-Crushing crackers and throwing them on the floor

-Carrying his dinner plate from the kitchen table to the coffee table

-And then from the coffee table back to the kitchen table

-Pulling Big Kid's hair because he wouldn't give up his fruit cocktail

-Sucking on a packet of Sweet & Low

-Prying up the wood trim between the carpet and the wood at the threshold of his room

-Driving Power Wheels motorcycle into the sliding glass doors repeatedly

-Changing channels with the remote control (three times)

-Dialing the phone (at least three times)

-Trying to unplug the Wii


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Been there done that & getting ready to go through it again with my daughter. It seems to me she is going to be the 'busiest' (heh) yet. We don't get paid enough for this mothering gig. :)

Ned said...

Praying for you! Try to laugh, pre-school will be here for him soon enough...

Anonymous said...

I need a nap after reading that. I don't know how you do it. But he is exceptionally pretty, and that has to be some comfort. Right?

Lynda Kay said...

See prior comment..emphasis on the "punk" part

Hillary Jordan said...

Seriously, God bless you!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i'm sorry, i thought my little kid was at school, but apparently he was at your house showing your little kid all sorts of naughty things to do. it's why i work. they're much more prepared for his naughtiness...hehe. But, i love it. lol.

Deb said...

Your mom would probably argue you don't watch him enough. I'd argue she's wrong and it's just that you don't give him enough Benadryl.

Good luck tomorrow! It sounds like he gets smarter every day.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd the nap motion. I would be in bed after all that. Sheesh. He needs to be on a leash for crying out loud.(j/k of course)

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I don't have kids yet but I love your blog, I literally almost peed in my pants reading this last night-my husband could not understand what was wrong with me!