Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Nicole Ritchie,

I heard you had a daughter today and named her Harlow Winter Kate Madden!! Great name! I'm not huge on the whole 4 name thing, but this is a good one. It's different, but not idiotic like Pilot Inspektor.

I vaguely recollect writing your fetus a letter around the time you announced your pregnancy, apologizing for the sad life it would most likely lead. Turns out, I've got to retract those statements! Amazingly, you (seem to) have gotten your shit together during your pregnancy. Thank goodness. It does seem like you were pregnant for an extraordinarily long time and I'm glad you took advantage of it and got all respectable and what not.

Now, don't make this parenting thing look like too much fun. We don't need Paris getting knocked up. Don't show her all of the cute shit you get to buy.

Best of luck to you and Harlow. I hear you didn't opt for a c-section (you go girl! rare in the celebrity sect) and are already at home!! Get your rest and keep eating.

Yours Truly,

P.S. I guess a bunch of other famous people gave birth today too, but I'm really not as interested in any of them.


Anonymous said...

I love the name Harlow! I was hoping she would have a girl and come up with a really good name. None of that old lady shit like Maeve and Hazel like other celebs seem to be pulling out of their asses!

I too have noticed the high rate of C-sections among celebs. I think they are worried about their coochies stretching out and causing their men to wander...

Anonymous said...

I am with you, I generally do not like the long name combos. Her name I do like though. I wonder how long until the pics come out.

Anonymous said...

Ack I don't know why anyone would elect to have a c/s.

I guess I must be the odd man out. The name Harlow reminds me of "Harlot" if it didn't though I'd probably like it lol.

Jennifer said...

I'm not a big NR fan, but that is a pretty name.

I think the celebrities choose the c-sections so they can get the tummy tuck at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I heard this today and thought wow a normal name that is rare. I do hope she does the kid right and is a good mommy; maybe she could teach Brittney and her little sis something since little sis obviously can't look up to her big sister for advice on babies.