Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mr. Sensitive

Guess who woke up protesting the inadequacy of his snack? He was even more ticked when we told him about the marshmallows because you're only supposed to bring one snack. I told him the marshmallows were to eat WITH the mandarin oranges and he said that was weird and he just wanted to bring Mickey Mouse cookies.

Well, ain't life a bitch...

(I said ain't again, what is the world coming to?)

God only knows how he'll shit talk me to the Jews and the brats at school today. If I didn't have that Valentine's party in the works, I'd be a little nervous that this would bump me from being the coolest mom in the class. I've got it wrapped up with the party though, no fear here.

Did I tell you all that he cries every single time we pick him up from school? What must his teachers think? Not tantrum crying either. Very sincere, serious, trying-to-hold-back-the-tears-but-failing kind of crying. I picked him up Monday and as soon as I walked through the door, his little face clouded over.

Ashley: Hey Big Kid!

Big Kid: I'm not gonna go home wight now. Now I'm just colorin'. I got to color my Fwench stuff.

Ashley: Okay, color quickly. What are you working on?

Big Kid: La Maison. It means house. But I'm not gonna go home wif you. I'm just gonna stay here.

Ashley: No babe, you're coming home. It's time to go home.

Big Kid: (getting pissed) I dust...I DUST...

Ms. Sharon: Big Kid, you can take that home and work on it. You can even bring it back to show me.

Big Kid: I don't wanna go. I dust wanna stay wif you. Mudder, I am NOT gonna go home wif you today.

Ms. Sharon: Oh baby. Come and give me a hug. Sweetie, you know you'll see me again Wednesday.

Big Kid: (Crying) But I dust gotta stay and do my work. I gotta do my Fwench. La Maison for M.

Ms. Sharon: I've got to go home too sweetie. Take it home and do your work and bring it back and I'll be so proud of you! You are my good boy! Okay? Okay my sweet boy? Don't cry honey.

Big Kid: (nodding, sniffling, wiping nose on hands) Otay.

Ms. Sharon: Give me another hug.

Ashley: (standing there awkwardly and embarrassed and not knowing my place in all of this)

Big Kid: Wet's go. I'm dust gonna do my Fwench at home because dat's what Ms. Shawon said.

Ashley: (resisting urge to pinch him) Yeah okay, let's go.

Makes me look great, huh? I'm hoping Ms. Sharon has realized by now that he is the most sensitive child on the planet. He weeps often, and that's not a word I usually use. He sang a goodnight song the other night and moved himself to quiet tears.

He accidentally erased my Wii high scores and I didn't freak out in the slightest, but he has apologized a million times, offered to help me do good on bowling again, has offered to let me take his turn instead and I've caught him teary eyed about it on at least 3 different occasions. He feels so bad he did it. I seriously couldn't care less. He STILL tells people that he threw away mommy's envelope on the Wii and this happened a week ago.

He feels so guilty about when he has accidents at night that he undresses himself, strips his bed, puts it all in the dirty laundry, redresses himself and sadly comes and tells us that he had an accident and apologizes. We've never gotten on him about accidents and have never asked him to do any of that. He is just so sweet and sensitive.

Once I (mostly) jokingly said I was going to dress little kid in his parrot costume and sneak him into the parrot sanctuary at the zoo and Big Kid began to sob, insisting that little kid would be so scared and that he is just a baby, even if he is a naughty baby, and should not be left with parrots. For a week he felt the need to make sure I wasn't still planning on leaving little kid there, because that would make little kid cry and cry and it wouldn't be safe.

I guess he's right.

Anyway, I hope The Jews know to doubt every single thing he says. I also hope those brats think Mandarine oranges & Marshmallows is the most kick ass snack ever and I prove the little whiner wrong.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Ok, after reading Big Kid's multiple stories of sweetness & sensitivity, I think you should have sucked it up and made the Mickey Mouse cookies even if it meant baking at 2 am. LOL! Sorry, I know I should be saying Mandarin Oranges rock. ;)

Maggie said...

I feel your pain, Ashley. I used to have a dog who was the only dog I ever heard of who didn't want to go home from the kennel. He'd try to go back into his run when I came to get him. I was mortified. I can't imagine what the kennel folks thought I must do to him at home.

Judy said...

Moonpies would have been good - are they kosher?

What about macaroni? Hey, you could have even cooked it, instead of having them crunch all those noodles down, haha.

I think marshamallows rock, and that's speaking from a 4 yo teacher perspective. We did marshmallows last week!

Anonymous said...

We all know BK doesn't want to come home with you because you beat's obvious. hee hee
Seriously though, babies shouldn't be left with parrots.

Deb said...