Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beyond the Pail

I just paid for little kid's Easter bucket and can I say again how easy that whole thing was? She posted a link somewhere Thursday or Friday, I mentioned that I wanted one in the Moda monkey fabric but needed it by Easter and was cutting it close, by Saturday she had me a list of possible fabrics and by Sunday we had it wrapped up. Today it is a done deal.

So not only did it not take any longer than Pottery Barn, and not cost anymore than Pottery Barn, and is still personalized like Pottery Barn, but it matches his room and will definitely become one of those hand-me-down keepsake sort of things AND I get to support an entrepreneurial woman. Love it!!

She can and does do custom orders and she has more of the monkey fabric, so let's get our kids matching buckets everyone! They will be so cute to gather eggs in!

Beyond the Pail

I love the internetz.


Anonymous said...

What's Tuesday's rough draft assignment?

too lazy to look it up.

AFRo said...

Your Monkey Bucket sold out before I got off work today. WTF? I can NEVER be in the *in* crowd and God only knows I'm not creative enough to come up with one myself. Geez.

Joy said...

Dang girl, I need to come up with some great and cute item, get you into it and make sure you make a little mention of it on here, because obviously your loyal readers listen. I looked at her page and she sold all of those monkey pails.

BTW I would love to see a pic of your personalized one, not sure if you could work that one out or not. Those things are super cute and I love the teacher one she did, I will have to keep this one in mind for the Kindergarten teacher.

Karlise said...

I saw this today and thought of you. Of course, it's probably a bit young for lil kid, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Unknown said...

OMG that is so cute!! I wish I had seen that when he was at an age that he wouldn't rip it from the ceiling and/or swing on it!