Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He *IS* Fierce

Jillian's collection...BORING (and she's an annoying little shit)
Rami's collection...Gag me with a spoon (and can we say predictable?)
Christian's collection...Ugly but impressive (and ugly is in)


Amy said...

OK, I was confused and didn't know if I wanted them all to win or none of them. Something about Jillian's appealed to me. Rami at least didn't just drape fabric everywhere. And Christan was so black and harsh.

The right thing happened. Christian should have won, considering the entire season of designs.

I love that he got all emotional.

Love his waggle-assed, snappish, ballet leaping FIERCE self!

Anonymous said...

I agree Christian was the best and most impressively ugly! The one Rami dress was Fabulous though ... the goldish one??