Friday, March 14, 2008

So today

for Photography & Family Time Friday, I'm supposed to go talk to Big Kid's class about my "job".

Frankly, I'd rather pierce my lip with a rusty fishing hook.

Today is the sort of day I should just stay home and try to accomplish some things. Leaving the house will disrupt that.

However, a quick escape from little kid might be worth the loss of productivity. That kid is on top of his annoying ass game today. Damn.

There's a big family Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, MIL is coming down and everything...and I think I might just stay home. Sure, I want to see the kids finding eggs, but if it comes down to making small talk with MIL while kids find eggs, and being in my house ALL BY MYSELF, it's a no brainer.

I need some ME TIME. I wish I could just send the boys on vacation and spend a whole weekend HERE BY MYSELF. Vacation at home. Ahhhhhh.


Hair Girl said...

There is nothing better than a "vacation at home". Except a vacation at home with lots of alcohol! Thank heavens my mom lives here in town and will take my children for the weekend, everyone needs a break.

Melodie said...

I'd LOVE a vacation at home. Send them all away and just relax at home with my DVR and all of my stuff with no one whining about anything. Such a lovely thought!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I tried to get ahead of the game for Friday's task and worked on pics of the kids yesterday... How do you do it??? It is hard as hell to get the kids to cooperate in a picture together! If it's a good shot of one, the other is crying or picking their nose. Ahhhh.... Have fun with your career talk. ;-)

jenn said...

I've had two kids with the flu all frickin' week. I really depend on those hours that they're in school for my sanity. The thought that the weekend is here & I had NO alone time all week is really pissing me off. Does that make me a bad mom? (No being the correct answer...)

Anonymous said...

Alone time, even if spent gazing mindlessly into the depths of one's navel... in complete and utter, uninterrupted SILENCE, should be taken advantage of. Especially when the alternative involves one's MIL!
As for the aggravation of young children, please do take a look at my latest post to see how it can evolve as they age. The acts of annoyance, done strictly to inspire a reaction, become so much simpler and blissfully more sophisticated. UGH.

Anonymous said...

Ahh-your LK whoas yesterday made me feel 'almost' normal.

A vacation at home, ALONE, sounds divine..

Anonymous said...

Being a mother is alot like giving birth. By the time you reach your 50's and your kids are grown, you have forgotten all of the bad and can only remember the good. Having grandchildren and hearing about their antics (because they are always good for gram), makes you really appreciate old age and makes you wonder how you ever got through all of those years-right up and past teenagehood! I appreciate all over again being able to read a book whenever I want or just not having to talk when you didn't feel like it! It may not seem like it right now with those little ones crawling all over your nerves, but these years will go too fast and you will be left with only good memories and lots of quiet time!

Anonymous said...

One year for Christmas the only thing I asked for was 3 hours home alone a month. That is sad. And I only got it one month. Those 3 hours were heaven.

Sally said...

Every year for my birthday I ask for a few hours alone at home. Also I'm not cooking, breaking up fights or wiping anyone's heiny but my own for the entire day. It's heavenly.

Let's start a "vacation" co-op? We can ship off the kids to a different Momma each month. How old before the airlines let them fly alone?