Saturday, March 8, 2008

Suds It Up Saturday

Is 8am too early for beer??


What time is it in Norway?

My client called this morning concerned about the windy/rainy weather so I said "Hell yeah let's cancel". Which was probably pretty dumb since I was already up and now I'll just have to do it again next week and it most likely wasn't going to rain anymore and it being overcast would be perfect.

But sometimes lazy people do dumb things.

AND Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow and the place they want to shoot at doesn't open until 10am, so at least next week when we get there at 10am, the light will be like it is 9am and I won't have to rush around or worry about shadows so much.

So see, I had a good reason.

But now I'm awake, being slapped, pinched and bit by little kid who has a real problem with my "no lollipops before 8:30am" rule and who has already poured a bag of Goldfish crackers on the floor and eaten more food than a Sumo wrestler. So pretty much a normal morning around the Ashley household.

For Suds it Up Saturday...Mr. Ashley is going to start cleaning out the garage. Again.

Mr. Ashley and I have a pretty good marriage, all in all. There are only a few things I can think of that have brought us to the verge of divorce these last 7 years of marriage. 1. Money (or lack thereof) 2. a Bose Surround Sound System 3. the Garage.

Money is probably pretty self explanatory. The Bose is a story for another day. The Garage....everyone in my life that knows us would probably volunteer to come help clean out the garage in order to never hear me bitch about it again.

In fact, some have...and yet it deteriorates again.

In a recent evaluation of the house, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply too small for us (or maybe we have too much stuff). We built it with the plan that we would move within 5 years and that was a good plan because the 5 years are up and it is time to move...but there is no money to move.

I have also decided that I am sick of seeing Mr. Ashley's office as much as I do. It's a mess, there are files everywhere and he's always needing us to quiet down so he can concentrate (understandably, we have a very open floor plan and wood floors and vaulted ceilings...ECHO).

Therefore, Mr. Ashley is moving out to the garage.

I'm a little bummed because we have beautiful office furniture, but I'm excited to think of one whole room full of space.

He has until the end of April to vacate the space. This will obviously require major garage purging and organization. Hopefully practically living out there will motivate him to keep it decent and if not, I just have to close the door and ignore it.

Yesterday I had to go shopping in my garage for stuff to make a pretty Spring table display ala Nester (my Girl Crush) and I had to walk across our Christmas tree to get to my stuff. Not cool. My table looks adorable though and has inspired me to keep on keepin' on, kind of like Fly Lady and her shiny sink...every time I see my pretty dining room I want to either beautify the rest of the house or just move into the dining room.

It's unfortunate that we only eat in the dining room once a year (if even), but oh well.

(and yeah, I considered eliminating the dining room in my quest for more space but I have a dining room table that is TO DIE FOR and I could never part with it and it wouldn't fit elsewhere in the house, so I'll just get rid of Mr. Ashley instead.)

Now it's sunny and kind of cool out and I'm sort of regretting canceling the shoot, but once again, oh well.

Okay, enjoy Suds it Up Saturday. Try not to work too hard. Make sure to stay hydrated (lots of beer). Send "Clean, organized garage" vibes my way. Wish Mr. Ashley luck.


Ashley said...

To Mr. Ashley-
Just count yourself lucky to be married to such a talented, gorgeous, weiner gobbling woman. Surely cleaning the garage is a small sacrifice for her happiness. Because when Ashley is happy, her readers are happy. And you don't want to make her readers unhappy do you? That wouldn't be very Ashleylike now would it.

Even though it sounds as if I have already participated in SIUS. I have not. Once again, this pregnant thing is getting in the way. Can someone pass the O'Doules so I don't feel left out?

Mom of 5 said...

"He has until the end of April to vacate the space"


I am all for a beer. It's only 9 a.m. though. Oh, and I'm at work. They probably frown upon that.

Thanks for the DST reminder. We don't change here, so I always forget. Spring forward, right? So I'll be on Pacific time starting tomorrow. Which means some of my shows will now be on different times. Gotta reset the Tivo. Thank you for the heads up.

Lynda Kay said...

OK-just caught up on your posts & i'm dying-no matter how difficult my computer's being I HAVE to try to comment on some of this...I know you are the SALWG but I am with all the girls on you keeping the spawkly snatch as part of your new persona..also, keep up the inquiries with big kid-SUPER funny, lol stuff for sure. And last but not least, get off your blog for a few minutes & call your friend-I miss you! (but then get right back on cuase you're funny as hell!) xoxo LK

so tired said...

Oooooh, my husband would love that garage project. He loves to get into something like that and throw things away and reorganize. He would probably paint and have to go out and buy new organizational tools. When he does it, he does it big.

I on the other hand, hate projects like that. I would much rather sit on my ass and read blogs all day.

The Nester said...

Ashely--I am a looser and trying to figure out what you do without much effort because I am really lazy. Photographer? Oh, I can see it now on the next post right under this comment box. You are a photographer, very well, I had a feeling you were kindof artsy!

Love the idea of your man being in the garage and giving you an extra room--he must love you so much. My husband worked out of our home for about 6 months and I thought I would DIE! He was fine but, I could not get a thing done what with him all on the phone and there all of the time.

I read your comment about Dave Ramsey on my blog---where is your email--I cannot find a place to email you. Mine is on my profile page if you want to email me.

I'd love to bore you with our story. We are complete idiots when it comes to money so most people feel so much better about their own situation after hearing about us!

Maddnessofme said...

You need David Bromstad from HG TV (Color Splash). They just aired one of his redo's yesterday, it was a garage redo. He turned it into a modern lounge and it was way cool. People in the midwest have this thing about using their garage to entertain. I laughed as it turned out they were midwesterners who moved to California.