Monday, March 24, 2008

Guess What?

I'm going to name Fluffy Windover's baby!!

I have just updated myself on her condition, we're out of the first trimester AND the baby is due a day after my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

This kid is going to be a genius a la Ashley and must have a befitting name.

My girl choices are:

Ashley (duh)

Evangeline (Sorry Deb, I know it's yours but I still feel compelled to suggest this name to everyone because I do love it so)








Sullivan (It is a chaw tradition to include this one. It *is* a great name)

Charlotte but you have to call her Charley


Boy choices are:









Banyan (I can never get anyone on board with this name. It is a great name)


I'm kind of out of boy's names. They aren't as much fun anyway. I already picked the two best ones and have Cash on hold, so all of those are out for you.

Here is a website where you can see the popularity of baby names based on location.

Here is a website with unusual baby names. Some good. Some not so good. At all. Don't go with anything too "out there". No Phryncyzka because vowels aren't cool, or any stupid shit like that.

Also, no wildly cre8tv spellings please. Good Lord, no apostrophes. They should be illegal. Also, try to avoid the Capital/lowercase/Capital sort of spellings, it's just too much for people.

Nothing that ends with -aden for boys (including but not limited to Aiden, Hayden, Brayden, Jayden, Kayden, Zayden, etc.) and no more Emily or Madisons for the next few years. They are all great names (especially Emily and Madison, I LOVE both), we are just filled to capacity right now.

Okay everyone, add your suggestions below. With a name like Fluffy Windover, she's going to need all the help she can get with this whole naming business.


Maddness of Me said...

Isabella. Bella for short.

Maddness of Me said...
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Slacker Mama said...

I'm a total Baby Name nerd. The Baby Name Voyager allows you to view the popularity of names over the years.

It's funny, I don't know any Emily and Madisons, but in my neck of the woods there is a Julia epidemic.

Joy said...

I love alot of the names you suggested, I looked both of my kids names up and my son's birth year I am glad to say it was 119, but has become more popular and was #82 in 2006. My daughter's name I wasn't as creative and 2001-2006 it was in the top 10 and her birth year it was 6th. BTW their names are Wyatt and Abigail, I guess it is safe to say. I hope you aprove:)

My son has a Drake in his class I like it but it is my dog's name, and my son told him this. Boys I like Brody girls I like Isabella.

Joy said...

Oh yea I forgot to mention around here it is pretty popular to give the girls a double name and call them by both. Perrie Grace, Abby Grace, Emma Claire so on and so forth.

Oh yea if you have two girls don't name one Faith and the other Hope. We actually know someone who is doing this and I personally think it is just wrong.

AFRo said...

Please no double names! My boys took hours doing damn Valentine's cards for their classes just because of all the little girls with two names. UGH.

My vote is Charlotte for a little girl. It's my first name.

Nicholas for a little boy. I don't know why, I just love it.

Fluffy Windover said...

I love it. Thanks, Ashley! We have NO names picked out, and the BHE poo-poos every one I like. He thinks it's really funny to suggest names like "Beef" or "Cobra".

Anonymous said...

I just hopped on your blog bandwagon but have yet to respond to anything, but I felt compelled to give my two cents this time...Have you read The Baby Name Wizard? It is a great resource for names that go with your other kid's names. I don't know what sounds great with Big Kid or Little Kid, but I'm sure you can find something.

Anyway, Grace is too popular right now (almost like Emily or Madison). I LOVE Molly, but too many people told me they knew a dog named Molly. Why do people think it's OK to make comments like that when you tell then baby names you like? I love Asher for a boy. I feel like Jack and Henry are almost becoming like Emily and Madison.

RubiaLala said...

I wish I had babies to name. I love picking baby names. Sigh.

I like this site Nymbler because it suggests names to you based on other names you like.

I like:

Boys: Jalen, Maxwell, Parker, Kennedy, O’Brien, Darby, McCoy.

Girls: Sydney, Lily, Molly, Lucy, Sophie

You're so lucky Ashley.

Anonymous said...

When I named my kids, their names were totally different and unique. Except for David, but you didn't hear it much back in 1992. I had never heard Braden until we decided on it for our boy. We moved and suddenly I ran into 4 different people with the name. It just wasn't popular in the South where we lived. I don't have to worry about Miriam's name unless we move to Amish country. I do get odd looks when I call her name in the Amish market. :) Kaylin's name I'm hearing more and more, but I didn't when she was born. Most people spell it Kailyn though.

If I had to name another child, I'd choose Karin Lacey(pronounced like Corinne-spelled the way a Norwegean I knew did)for a girl. I don't have a boy's name though.

Rebecca said...

I have an 18 month old whose name is Isabelle Madalyn. I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my second and we find out tomorrow what we are having! If it's a boy, he'll be Cannon Wade. If it's a girl, she'll be Annalyn Kate.

What is your opinion of the names we have picked out?

Anonymous said...

No more Ella and Grace. Banyan? As in the tree? Reminds me of Boca Grande. Collier? Like the Collier Inn in Useppa? I like Reese more for a girl than a boy. Michael is too common, and Jack and Henry are too popular. How about Hadley for a girl? Just a suggestion...

Mo said...

I don't have any great suggestions for names, but I just had to say, I have a Wyatt too!! I don't know how the name all of a sudden got popular, I swear I picked it out of oblivion on purpose. Have fun name searching!

the rural rube said...

DEFINITELY Sullivan - Sulli, for short. What better name for a sweet little girl?? I love it.

(and you know I WAS TOTALLY on board for Banyan if it was a boy. Banyan Hawk??? How the fuck perfect is that???? LOVED IT!)

p.s. you're always funny and entertaining. xo

Deb said...

I'm totally cool with Evangeline as long as it's used on a human. Harper is our choice for a middle name, so that one rocks, too. Sullivan? LOVE it. Never thought of it, and I love it.

I see nothing to add. You've got the best names right there. Genius, as usual.

October said...

May I suggest some scandinavian names?
These names are all ancient and of royal heritage and still very popular in our part of the world.

For girls: Ingrid, Maud, Liv, Martha, Birgitte, Madeleine, Emma, Margareta.

For boys: Christian, Harald, Magnus, Phillip, Eirik, Oscar, Fredrick, Karl, Haakon.

My name is Astrid Maria, the 'Astrid' part hails from before the vikings, it's part of our northern mythology and is a common name for queens and princesses and means something like 'the one all the gods love'.
The 'Maria' obvoiusly came after Norway became christian and is our version of your Mary.

Growing up in Norway that name always felt so lame and geriatric but whenever I went to America people seemed to find it exotic and cool. A lot of people would always hear 'Ashley' first, and then I'd go 'No; it's ASTRID'. I guess they sound really similar:)

And my sons name is Arthur wich I LOVE. It's one of the most international names in the world, seems like every country uses it. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Awwww! I love baby names! I have been thinking of baby names since I was a little girl.

Henry made your cut! YAY! I love my little Henry. He's too sweet. I think it's an adorable boys' name. Obviously...

And, girls' names... They are waaaay harder. I have an Avery, but that got really popular. If, IF, I had another girl I would have a terribly hard time naming her... Mollie and Sadie are two of my favs, and they are family names, but that's too many names ending in the ee sound. I think I have my hubby talked into Piper... But, that's not a definite. I just like the idea that I used my mind control super powers on him and completely changed his take on that one. I would use it just for that alone.

It really is hard business!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I like Molly (it's my youngest's name for those who aren't aware), and Fluffy can use it as long as she's not in San Diego. Also, since it's not out of the realm of possibility that this baby is coming TWO days early and since there's a chance it could be a boy, you could always name it Pete. Pete's a real guys guy name. And it's dh's. And he's a 9/26 birthday boy.

Well, thank heaven that she'll most likely be having a Libra. Best sign out there, it is. Congrats!

The Driftwood Collector said...

Please, no "double virtue" names - I know of a family who did this to their daughters. I think Faith Hope and something Chastity. I love Cecelia or Celia for a girl. I might use it myself if we have another. I also like Bridget and Eleanor for girls, and for boys, Caleb, Micah, Marcus, Luke, and Wesley.

Anonymous said...

My first is named Andrew James and we call him "AJ". I am 11 weeks pregnant right now. If it's a girl I am leaning towards Jordan and I have no clue for a boy's name. I just know that we are NOT using my husband's suggestion: name him junior, and call him "Deuce". How retarded.

Good luck Ashley.

M said...

Not Collier, that's the name of the car dealership down the road. Of course I like Ella, but only name your daughter that it you want her to be neurotic and naturally sarcastic. I love Molly, it was one of our choices. Michael is ZZ's middle name and a huge name in our family.

Sasha said...

Here's my rules:

Nothing like Sasha. Nothing that can be pronounced multiple ways. Because the poor child will work at the same damn place for 12 years and people will still say "Sosh-uh" instead of "Sash-uh".

Also, nothing that can be spelled multiple ways. I broke that rule on for The Wild Child and I wished I hadn't.

I love Margo, but I had a cat named that, so it didn't feel right to use it for our child. Also love Cooper and Carter for boys. I'm into the whole last-name-as-first-name thing.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... don't even get me started with baby names..
We're having a boy and I can't stand any of them... I know what is wrong with me?
I'm just not a fan of boy names, I guess.
I'll be back to see the suggestions as we need them.

Mandy Mae said...

It's funny, I am seeing people saying "not's too popular", but I just named my son Jack and the only people I know with that name are all over 50.

Moving on...I love the name Darby for a little girl. And Kate.

For boys, I'm going against the grain and saying Jack or Henry. But I also love Asher!

Mandy Mae said...

I completely forgot to say that it is so funny that you posted this because I was just thinking the other day that I wish I could know Big Kid & Little Kid's names, because I bet they have great names! And not so I can hunt you down and kidnap them. Little Kid is cute, but I don't want the trouble. Just because I know in my heart they're awesome names.

jenn said...

I'd add Claire and Linnea to the girls' list and. I've always had a hard time with boys' names, but I'm partial to Dominic. My husband wanted to use Hamilton. Can you imagine saddling a kid with THAT?

Anonymous said...

i've been in love with gretchen and palmer.

but my husband said N-O to both

Joy said...

I really like Sullivan for a boy, but we have been on a Monsters Inc. kick in the van and I just think of that big blue monster, but I still like the name.

both of my kids middle names are family names ds has his dad's and grandad's name (it is SO common), and my dd has my grandmother's middle name, I got her first name she died before I was born, but I know she was a great woman and I would have loved having her for a grandmother. I had always known if I had a girl this would be her middle name. It is not so common, Ruth.

Make sure you check initials when thinking of a name. Fowards and backwards and with your last name in the middle for when you have all of those things monogramed! you don't want to end up with an ASS, RUM, DUM, RUN or something worse.

Maddness of Me said...

My absolute all time favorite name for a boy is OLIVER.

I like OLIVIA for a girl too.

Or, per my other comment... Beckham (Becks for short). Especially if it is a hot boy.

I'm not kidding on the first two.

Maddness of Me said...

I bet the BHE would love JAX for a boy "hey Jax, wash my car"

Wait a minute, I do like the name Jackson (Jack for short)

Ok, somebody stop me.

Unknown said...

Love Wyatt and Abigail and also love Cannon and Annalyn. You'll probably get flack for Cannon, but that's a good, strong name.

Hey Traci, wow, brothers for you!! Lucky Trevor (that's a great name too, Trevor)

Lots of good names here, I love Sophie.

I knew sisters named Faith, Hope and Charity. BARF. That's tragic, it really is.

Anonymous said...

I also knew a family with three girls: Faith, Joy and Hope and one son name Greg! Ha!
I loooove the name Ruby for a girl. My only hangup is that it is somewhat lounge singer-ish but after knowing what my 6 year old daughter (Savannah) is like, if we had another girl she would probably be just like her and that would be a RUBY.
Madden, my youngest is Jackson and we call him Jack. I just think they are very strong names. My oldest is Clayton (family name, older name, but fits him).

Anonymous said...

Ooh, how 'bout Gertrude and call her Gertie? Like Drew Barrymore's character in E.T.

Anonymous said...

My cousin's name is Harper. She is going to be one in a couple days and is cute as can be!!!

Anonymous said...

From the baby girl names I liked Harper, and from the baby boys Asher