Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Some Reason

I really thought I was getting that puppy today.

Probably because on Monday Mr. Ashley told me not to ask him about it or talk about it too much because it was something he was seriously considering, that it was the cutest dog he'd ever seen, that it was a great opportunity to own such a cute dog for cheap, and that Ophelia would be a better name.

So I was really thinking there was a chance.

Over the next few days I backed off on the nagging, but would still mention it and hint at it as a gift I deserved and he would usually reply with a smile or just shake his longer telling me it absolutely was not going to happen like he was at first. I thought he was just trying not to ruin the surprise.

I even left the website and contact information where he could find it.

Then he had a late afternoon appointment that he didn't have to dress up for, and he was swinging by to see a friend afterwards.

So as I sat here with one sick kid who alternated between begging me to make him feel better and telling me he loved me every 2.5 seconds (which is really so so sweet, but it's hard sometimes to say I love you too 9030483029384 times in a row.) and the human vulture who alternated between raiding the pantry and fighting me for half of anything I put in my mouth, until JUST NOW. 7 PM AT NIGHT.

And he walked in with no puppy.

No nothing.

He really was just hanging out at his friend's house.

I am thinking maybe he was drunk on Monday. He doesn't seem to recollect that conversation at all and is surprised that I am surprised by the lack of a puppy.

So everyone that was waiting on the edge of their seat for a huDge, overwhelmingly romantic gesture like the dog who needs me as much as I need her....keep waiting.


hicktowndiva said...

Bummer! Evangeline is meant to be yours! Mr. Ashley better get it in gear.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, my offer still stands. What's a little pee on the skirt? Seriously. She just peed on my lap while sitting here at the computer with me...

jenn said...

Damn. I was sure you were getting that puppy. Are you sure he didn't leave her in his car just to really throw you off??


God, men are idiots when it comes to this stuff.

Melodie said...

Maybe he did get you the puppy, but he wants it to be a really big surprise and his friend that he was hanging out with is keeping the puppy for him for a few days until he can surprise you on the weekend? Maybe he just wants you to get really, really upset before he gives you your heart's desire? Or maybe he's just an A$$HOLE?

Anonymous said...

Okey, you aren't going to want to hear this, but it wouldn't be fair to poor ol Heidi Louise to walk in with some young cute, un lumpy dog with two good eyes when she is at the end of her days and looks like hell. It would break her heart. I have passed up many good possibilities but you will know and the "planets will be in alignment" when all things are a "go" and it is meant to be. Besides, LK would torture the poor little thing and she will have so many emotional issues already to deal with. She probably needs a little old lady home who will be with her 24/7 and will only have her to give her attention to. Heidi needs to live whatever time she has left to the best that it can be.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I'm so sorry. I can feel your disappointment all the way over here. Maybe now that he knows how much Evie means to you he'll relent? Keeping my fingers crossed.

so tired said...

I was going to say I agree with Anonymous, but now I see that it is signed "Mom". So, I agree with your Mom.

I once had an old brown poodle that was really starting to look her age. My parents then bought two blond cocker spaniel puppies. Those two pounced all over my poor raggedy dog. They'd bump into her and she'd get confused and not know where she was heading in the first place. It seemed like she aged five years in one week with those two in the house.

My friend used to compare the old brown dog to a Jew and the two new cockers to Nazis... Poor thing.

Lazy Housewife said...

Men are so clueless. I've been disappointed on more than one occasion when I thought I'd get something from my guy and didn't.

Unknown said...

Mom and So Tired...BEEEEP...WRONG ANSWER

The reality is that Heidi Louise IS on her last legs. And when "it" happens, both boys are going to be REALLY SAD.

Big Kid is still wounded by The Giving Tree and terrified of growing up...introducing death as a concept is going to be devastating to his sensitive little soul.

I won't be able to cover this up like all of the fish on sabbatical, this will be huDge for our whole family. She is LK's best friend.

As awful as it sounds, it would just be nice to have something soften the blow a little. We're not talking about a hyper puppy, she's a timid puppy mill rescue dog.

Of course I will have to protect her from little kid, I have to protect everything from him. I also have to rescue HL from him 900 times a day.

We are making an effort to take Heidi places and include her and give her more attention than she's been getting to make her last days good ones no matter what, I'm just worried about how the last days will be for us and for the kids and trying to lessen the finality and obviousness of the situation for them and this seemed like a good opportunity for that.

PLUS, the real point is that Mr. Ashley shouldn't have gotten my hopes up and that as a species, men are truly clueless, even if you flat out tell them what you are expecting.

Unknown said...

oh and don't think I'm torturing Mr. Ashley over this, I'm not.

I DID let him know that I was disappointed he was home late with no dog, but I know he's just clueless and not mean.

Joy said...

Yes I agree he is clueless, maybe he will still come thru for you and us.

And oh my I saw your mom commented is that the first time? I don't remember her commenting before

so tired said...

Oh no, I agree. Don't torture him now. Hold onto it for later when he really pisses you off and then you can throw it back in his face! Oh yeah, you need to have a few of these things on reserve.

Sorry.... That's coming off a little bitchy, isn't it?

Snooty Primadona said...

Damn! I'm heartbroken for you. Why are guys always... such... GUYS? Since when does it get to be their decision & their's alone? I know exactly who takes care of the animals... and it isn't usually the husbands. Thank you. Yet, strangely enough, that's who they always go to. The alpha male, lol. I hope you finally get your new baby. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was reading the comment and I thought this is a very bad indicator if this is the Mom of the Ashley speaking.

Which by the way she needs a name. Wouldn't the Mom of the Closet be a Room NO IT would be THE GARAGE.

Really a Garage is like an advanced Closet. You put things in Closets (and sometimes they actually come out) Just like a Garage. Lets call her the Garage until she stops plotting to destroy your puppy dreams.

At the very least The Garage could use her MIL skills to guilt Mr. Ashley so you don't have to.


Maddness of Me said...

All men have their head up their ass.

That sweet puppy won't hurt anybody.

Maddness of Me said...

Weiner dogs don't "bounce" all over anything. Especially that sweet little girl.

Don't listen to the haters Ashley.

Maddness of Me said...

Torture him now. Just do it. This is bullshit.

Leah said...

A puppy would have been the perfect way to say thank you for sleeping with me on our first date 10 years ago! What is wrong with him??

Anonymous said...

I do declare that our hubbies were separated at birth-I mean-Mr. QM JUST said to me practically the same thing-"Don't get the house bug or talk about it because it is not a 'done deal' yet." AKA-he hasn't decided yet although I have and everyone knows that I get my way.

You will get the puppy. Be patient.

Anonymous said...

You can do what I did....drop the hint, and when he doesn't get it, go see the dog and say "I'll be back on Saturday to pick her up!" We're now the soon to be owners of a 7 week old maltipoo.
He'll learn his lesson! :) You need this, Ashley!