Monday, March 3, 2008

Did Anyone Make Me Proud

and kick ass at Market Yourself & Meal Planning Monday?

Because *I* did!

I tried to get out of it...oh did I try. Big Kid some how ended up in my bed last night and he took awhile getting up, which made it easy for me to declare him not feeling well and decide no school for him.

Then he started crying that "I huwt his feelins" and said he had to go to school and he had to give Vivian her note.

Ugh. He did get out his art set and make her a picture with flowers all over it, in all different colors and printed her name across the top. Then he insisted on an envelope and a return address label, refusing the plain one I offered and asking where the one with the people were (we have those cheesy caricature family labels) and made me go find one of those.

I was supposed to drop off the marketing handouts I had made up to be delivered to the students at Big Kid's school, but I was looking for an excuse.

Big Kid left me none.

So we stopped by the grocery store first and I picked up some cookies. Let me give you my #1 highly experienced marketing tactic: Bring Cookies.

1. No one can be mean to someone with cookies. They just can't. Try it, just try to be mean next time someone is giving you a cookie.

2. It gives you a reason to be there. Hi, is so and so here? I just wanted to bring them some cookies and introduce myself.

3. They remember you. That's the girl with the cookies. She's nice.

4. If you start bringing them cookies regularly...they will actually look forward to your visit. They will be happy when you interrupt their work to bring them cookies and chat for a minute, even if it is about your own greatness. Then they will give you business, because you were so nice, with those cookies and all.

SEE?? Marketing genius, my friends.

So I took my awesome, glossy, fancy 5x5 cards, tied them together with a cute zebra striped ribbon, put some bakery sugar cookies in a cute goody bag with my info on it and dropped them off to the director.

Who was very nice and seemed impressed. Then I took it a step further and offered my services for any fundraising or charity functions they held. THAT got her attention.

So I'm donating a session and package to a silent auction Art Show they're holding in a couple of months. Chances are the parent will end up spending more money anyway.

So today before noon, I reached the parents of 200 students. Very wealthy parents.

In the parking lot today I saw a Maserati (not even kidding) and more than one BMW/Lexus/Mercedes convertible with a booster in the passenger seat.

AND I buddied up with the director.

I done good.

As far as meal planning goes....I did see that one of those places where you go and make all of the frozen meals, all at one time, and then take them home, just opened up near here.

And I bought some spaghetti at Target.

So for a rough draft, which is what NLP:RD is, just a rough draft....that's pretty good.

What did you do? Or did you skip it entirely since I wasn't here this morning to nag you?

Edited to add: I also told Big Kid's teacher I'd talk to the class about my job (photographer, not foul mouthed, lazy SAHM blogger) for their career unit. I'll be regretting that offer, I'm sure, because I was cursing myself as it came out of my mouth, but I just couldn't stop myself today. MY&MPM was a success. Mostly.


Melodie said...

Well, I don't think I marketed myself at all today, but I did plan a meal. And by plan, I mean that I went to Publix and bought the stuff to make Beef Stroganoff, and then waiting for Mr. Melodie to come home from work to cook it all. Just because I didn't cook the meal, doesn't mean I didn't plan it, right?

Darling said...

Oh me! I finally got my etsy shop set up with more than one bow and I did market yourself Monday posts on my birthboard and the BHB. I only sold one set but hey that's better than nothing. I already have my meals planned for the week.'s still monday right!

Sasha said...

I do Pass Your Plate once a month and split the 10 meal package with a friend. Since my kids eat nothing other than chicken nuggets, PB&J, and quesadillas, Mr. Sasha and are I all set with our gourmet meals.

And it makes me look fab. Much better than when my speciality was frozen pizza. That sometimes got warm in the center.

And cause you know I'm all about whoring myself out, if it happens to be a PYP by your house, I can refer you so you can get a free meal to try out!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Oh yes my friend. A new listing and 2 new buyers. The Atlanta real estate market is my bitch.

Of course, we ate Publix subs for dinner, but hey, soon it'll be filets, yes?

Glad you're kicking some ass and holy cuteness with the zebra ribbon!

Joy said...

Unfortunatly I have nothing to market about myself, unless someone is looking for a SAHM that likes to stay in her PJ's way too much and sometimes will clean her house that is if Ashley isn't around to entertain me.

I did plan a meal it was Spaghetti (again) but hey the kindergartner eats the hell out of it and I say if it works go with it! Publix Fried Chicken sounds really good I may be stopping tomorrow for that one.

Since you have been in recent contact with Jesus and God seems to be listening to your prayers, please pray for me as I go with the Kindergartner's on a field trip tomorrow and get this after the play they are taking them to Chuck E Cheese OMG please help me, we will have the plague by the end of the day.

so tired said...

Well, aren't you feeling all proud of yourself. Tootin' your own horn and all.

I am doing the anti marketing plan. I am trying to get it so that no one asks me to do anything.

I'm not even going to tell you what the people around here ate for dinner. I do enough other things to embarrass myself. I don't need to add that to the list.

Unknown said... made a plan and had a meal, that works for me!

Jessica, you get an A+, plus extra credit for posting the link here. I'll be sure to check it out in the morning. (I don't do late night Etsy anymore)

Sasha, that's really good to know. Mine isn't one of those, but it does seem like a cool idea.

Clemson, total overachiever, get out of here with your Final Draft self.

Joy, have fun and try not to step in poop. You never know at CEC.

So Tired, you win smartest and most innovative of the day. That is a baby step to not having any responsibilities, just don't draw attention to yourself. I get it.

Anonymous said...

Very good. I am still working on my soon to be column (I hope), and doing some work on marketing for a volunteer function.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are still "rising star Ashley" to me.

Ashley said...

Spaghetti Mondays must be popular. I only do it cause it coincides with bath night.

Didn't get any marketing done, but I might if I would get off my lazy ass and create some new stuff. I just want some old stuff to sell.

Which reminds me......

Renee said...

Well, you saw my rantings to the Chaws yesterday about how I need to keep up with stuff around here, including Meal Planning. So I at least uttered the words Meal Plan yesterday, which is a baby step for me. I liked Robin's idea of planning a month at a time - I could totally do that. We don't have much variety in our menu around here anyway. A meal plan would totally help me make my grocery list too. Speaking of grocery lists, I'm making a big master list that includes everything we buy at the grocery store, and I'm going to use it each week to see what I need and want to get. I'll just print out a copy and then circle the things I want to buy. This has worked for me in the past and I think it will help.

I didn't market myself for anything really, but I did lie to my mom and tell her that we want to pay W's tuition for the 2008-2009 school year in advance this year to receive the 5% discount, and will she please send me her portion (she pays $300/month x 10 months) in one lump sum before June 1. We actually plan to make 10 monthly payments, but we want the lump sum from her. Is that shady? So that's not really marketing but it was something I did yesterday that will result in a $3,000 deposit in my bank account. So that's a good thing.
-The Renee