Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hair Appointment

I have one at 5pm, that I forgot about until yesterday, and I don't really want to go. My roots are looking pretty good and I have a headache and I'm a little broke to be worrying about the golden blondness today.

However, I'm always such a pain in the ass, and they are so good to me, that I feel too bad to cancel at the last minute.

Although it is at would think that she would want to go home anyway.

Oh well, The Gay One is supposed to bring me a few new books and Love in the Time of Cholera sucks goat balls and I do love chatting with the two of them.

I forgot to tell you what an absolute dream my newborn session was. Awesome parents, they were all for naked, sleeping baby pics and didn't even bring a scratchy, ruffly dress with a garter belt on her head as a headband, as I was fearing.

I'll watermark a picture and share it later, unfortunately, the totally breathtaking ones were of the baby and her father. He's a friend of Mr. Ashley and I know he wouldn't care if I posted his pic, but I feel bad doing it somewhere he doesn't even know exists and I'm thinking Mr. Ashley wouldn't want his friend to know about my opinions on sex toys and Chris Hansen's fuckability and whatnot.

Edited to add: I called, kind of like I was just calling to chat and check on my books, and mentioned that my roots weren't looking so bad and if it wasn't the height of season and if she wasn't booked out til May that I would probably postpone and they said I could come next Wednesday if I want. See how smooth I am? I'm sure they don't even realize that I screwed up their schedule like I do every single appointment.


KatieGirlBlue said...

OMG, what is the deal with the garter belt on the head? It is THE weirdest baby-thing in the world. To me it's a sure sign that baby girl is gonna grow up to wear daisy dukes and serve beer battered fish sticks at the local saloon.

Not that there's anything wrong with beer battered fish sticks.

Joy said...

I am proud to say my daughter Never wore one of those things they are just wrong IMO, but we were lucky she was born with the hair of a 2yr old.