Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Latest Big Kidisms

Big Kid: Dis is really sticky. Like ooey, gooey, sticky. It's gettin' my hands all sticky and stuffs.
Ashley: Yep, marshmallows are sticky.
Big Kid: yeah, like glue. I don't really like touchin' glue and stuffs, you know why?
Ashley: Why?
Big Kid: Ecause glue makes you stick to da cat.

Big Kid: little kid smells like poop.
Ashley: So why don't you change his diaper?
Big Kid: No, I'm dest a kid.
Ashley: Well, it's not hard. He'll sit on his mat, you take his dipe off, wipe all the poopies away and put a new one on him.
Big Kid: Um, no. I'm not doin' dat.
Ashley: But he smells like poop.
Big Kid: Yeah, he does. You're his mudder. Dat's your job. Dest deal wif it.

(at some point I noticed that Big Kid has pretty much mastered his R and L sounds. This is sad for us, as Ashley's Closet Speech Impairment fans, but I guess it's a good thing and his squeaky little voice is just as cute. One day I'll get him on video for you all, I promise.)


Lacy Rose said...

BK has given me a new life motto: "Dest deal wif it" Im using it for my blog. ;) Cool wif that BK?

Melodie said...

It's a good thing you've got BK to remind you to do your job! I'm lucky that my older kids are 10 & 12 and actually have the ability to change my little one's diaper for me. That's the one advantage to being crazy enough to have a third child after nine years!

so tired said...

After five years of speech therapy for my son (he is still doing it) I am still twisted enough to enjoy some "blend" problems my daughter has. She has trouble with anything that starts with "dr" like "drink" she says "frink"..... I really have to control myself from offering her a "frink"...

And when I was a little over two my mother had me trained to change my own pee diaper. She said I would lay it out and center myself on it and put it on. My Grandmother thought this was despicable.

Katie said...

Ooo I would love to see a video of BK answering a question!

Yay for him mastering R and L sounds, but just keep typing it without them ok? Its much funnier.