Monday, March 24, 2008

A Real Bummer

but I'm not funny OR entertaining today.

I know, I know. I'm as disappointed as you all are.

Instead, I'll show you that animals are way smarter than we think. Even octopii.

Artistic elephants
Chimps remember more than humans
The Octopus and his Mr. Potato Head

Also, somehow I wasted too much time reading the story of some nutball named Don LaRose, a pastor who went missing and later resurfaced as mayor of Arkansas with claims of being abducted by Satanists (personally, I think he's full of shit.)

Which somehow led to me researching Electro-shock therapy. That's some crazy stuff. They still do it too. Sometimes ON CHILDREN. What the fuck?? How is that even legal???

I've also looked at criminals wearing ironic (and almost always appropriate) t-shirts in their mugshots.

And later I plan on learning how to write a novel in 2 months and learning how to bake bread.

Pretty productive day, huh?

It is Market Yourself & Meal Planning Monday, for the few of you out there that still give a shit. Chore Whore seems to be MIA...perhaps she ran away, maybe she died, who knows.


Cate said...

Just wait a were funny today, 'cause every link was the bomb. Hope that chore whore shows up soon...I need her!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no kidding - where is that Chore Whore anyway? I miss her!

But you're still funny.

AFRo said...

I love the mug shot site. That was pretty funny...

Slacker Mama said...

You know...I've totally sucked at every day of NLP:RD *except* Work It Out and Wine it Up Wednesday. Maybe because I was an early-adopter of the wine aspect.

So maybe I'll just continue to tackle at least one sucky thing I've been avoiding on Wednesdays and call it a week.

Though, I must say, I've used the photography advice about taking pictures of my own kids...and have gotten some pretty cute shots of late!

elaines630 said...

Thank you for the mug shots! Totally improved my afternoon! Couple of things I have learned from looking at them:

1. The lighting is horrible!! Doesnt matter if you have on makeup, dont have on makeup, just got the shit kicked out you, you are going to look BAD in your mug shot.

2. Nobody has lived up to their shirt i.e., I make this shirt look good. Apparently these people have very high self esteem.

I wish it told you what they were arrested for too!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, thanks a lot for sending me to that wacko website for Don LaRose. For some reason I had to read the whole thing and I do not feel one bit better for it. Just creepy. No wonder you're not feeling great today after reading that!

Hair Girl said...

Moral of the story- DO NOT wear shirts with slogans or sayings, The fashion police will arrest you!

Anonymous said...

I need the Chore Whore, please don't go away.

Deb said...

You sound shocked that electro-shock therapy is used on children. What I'm surprised about is that no one is selling a home unit.