Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Borrowed Happiness

Well, Big Kid isn't faking it.

Poor guy has a fever and was just really miserable. I gave him some Tylenol (I know you're supposed to let a fever burn...but I'm not good at that) and Similisan because I figure it just has to be an earache and it does seem to have helped.

I also ran out to the library to pick up Hippo & Ducky and Baby MacDonald, two favorites we don't own.

I don't think I told you all about my new plan to use the library as my personal Netflix. I sat down with my library card number, got on their online thingy, and requested every book I've wanted to read, every movie I've wanted to see and every CD I've wanted to hear. Well not "every" but lots.

The only hitch was that a ton of them all came in at once. I picked super popular stuff too, I thought for sure I'd be waiting on some of it.

The good news is that the nice guy librarian let me keep some of them "on hold" behind the desk. I don't think Carmen the library Nazi would've let me. She was giving me the hairy eyeball too, all up in my business. She can kiss my ass. YOU DON'T OWN THE LIBRARY, CARMEN. I PAID MY DUES, NOW BACK THE EFF OFF.

Anyways, I got:
Catherine De Medici: Renaissance Queen of France
A Thousand Splendid Suns
World Without End
Lady MacBeth

from the library today. Then I got "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Snow Flower & The Secret Fan" and "It's All Too Much" (about clutter) from Amazon today. I ordered those before my new library free netflix plan, but whatever. Baby steps.

AND I have "Women of Power" lent to me by The Gay One and some other book I got at the library one day when I didn't have time to look: A Good & Happy Child (it's fiction, I'm not reading parenting books.)

So, I just want to pee my pants in excitement looking at this stack. I don't even know where to start. I'm almost paralyzed with happiness over much hope in one wobbly pile.

For movies I got Sicko, Children Underground, Jupiter's Wife and some other documentary. They are all documentaries, Mr. Ashley and I love that crap.

I'm not listing all the kids' shit for you because who cares? Not me.

I'm predicting LOTS of bath time in my future.

And it makes me so, so happy.

On to other news, The Renee left this comment earlier today:

Well, interestingly enough, the biggest thing I have to Work Out today is packaging up those damn yellow rain boots and making a SPECIAL TRIP OUT OF THE HOUSE just to mail them to you. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut last night? Why did I have to be a hero? Lol. I'm just kidding - I'm happy to do it. But that is seriously one of the things I have to Work Out today - can you imagine if I never sent them to you? I shudder to think. So yeah....I'll be workin' out a trip to the post office today. I MUST ADD, though, that I stayed up until 4am last night doing our 2006 taxes. All of a sudden, they just had to be done, and so I just had to do them. And I did. And we owe a ton of money, but we have it in the bank (thank you thank you thank you thank you), so we're going to be okay. And it's something huDge I've been needing to work out since.....oh.....April 15, 2007 or so. And it's DONE DONE DONE. Three cheers for Renee! Hip hip (hooray). Hip hip (hooray). Hip hip (hooray). This morning I came up with a snazzy new motto for myself for 2008 (it's not too late to introduce a motto for the year, is it?). Here it is...drumroll please.....

Progress, not Perfection. Action, not Avoidance. Faith, not Fear.

That's pretty snazzy, isn't it? I'm on FIYAH (that's fire in a weird voice) today too. Or better said, I must be BUTTER 'cuz I'm on a ROLL.

Off to the post office......

-The Renee

PS Are my comments too long? I really do feel like I'm just emailing you or chatting with you when I make comments. So you will occasionally get these long, random ramblings. Sorry 'bout that.

First off, hell no your comments aren't too long. I've actually never gotten any comment that I thought was too long. The longer the better. I love me some comments.

Secondly, thank you so much for going to the post office for me!! In a prompt fashion!! You ARE the best. Also a big huDge congrats on the taxes and a request to do mine. The last two years. Thanks.

Last, but definitely not least..."Progress, not perfection. Action, not avoidance. Faith, not fear." Your new life motto. Did you really make that up?

THAT IS PROFOUND. Profound, my friend. You really are a fucking genius, I know the Wharton degree is a sign of that, but this is PROOF.

Next time you come to Florida, we are getting this tattooed across our forearms. Or somewhere easy to read and unwrinklable. This takes The Nester's mantra about it not having to be perfect to be beautiful (which we LOVE!) and really applies that whole kind of idea to our life problems.

The Renee and I have similar issues. Which is a good thing and a bad thing because we are either really motivating each other to do amazing things...or giving each other permission to do nothing.

I had actually transformed Nester's mantra into my own ghetto version: It doesn't have to be perfect to be Done.

It's been working, but it isn't something I want tattooed on me.

The Renee actually left that long ass comment twice because I didn't publish her first one fast enough. I should warn you all that lately if you ask Chore Whore or Big Kid or Ashley a question (like you did Kimberly, I'm going to answer it!), or if you say something that needs response, I may not publish your comment right away, so I'll see it there in my comment box and remember to reply. It's my new system. So please don't send your long ass comments two or three times. I probably got it.

Okay, little kid is demanding another snack. We went to Costco yesterday and that kid just can't handle having industrial sized boxes of food around. It has been an all day battle. So I'm off to another pantry wrestling match, here's hoping I win.


Stacy said...

Haha! Your library's staff sounds as bad as ours - we have a guy who looks and acts like Dwight from The Office - he is ridiculous and takes his job WAY too husband and I use the library as a Netflix of sorts as well.

Anonymous said...

I loove The Handmaid's Tale. I read it back in college and it's kind of weird, but so good and interesting. I'm so jealous because I don't have anything to read just yet. I finished Atonement two nights ago. . . BIG disappointment.

Sasha said...

I love The Mottos. Love them!

I need one. I stole "I used to care, but now I take a pill for that" but I think it reveals a little too much about me, and I'd rather have something cutsey. I let you know if I come up with anything for NLP:Motto.

The Politician suggests: You get what you get, and you don't get upset. That's a contender, for sure.

so tired said...

Love the lip on BK. I kind of enjoy them when they are sick. They slow down a bit and let you love on them. (Not in a Munchausen by Proxy kind of way....)

Also, love The Renee's new motto. I can totally apply that to my life. She needs to put that on a plaque and sell it!

Lazy Housewife said...

I'm stealing (err loving) The Renee's motto too.

The Driftwood Collector said...

He is so cute. So cute. Sometimes kids are adorable in a want-to-cuddle-them-but-they're-sleeping-and-I-should-resist way when they don't feel good. I need a motto and some motivation. I need to jump on the NLP:RD wagon and start expending some energy and getting my life in order. Sigh.

Unknown said...

I already put The Renee's Mantra on my wall. It is like a whole life philosphy in a nice neat package.

Poor BK, I hate that his cheek is hurting him, those are the worst earaches. I wonder if something popped when his face felt wet. I do not like that he must suffer.

Poor Beautiful Sleeping Child

Rachel said...

I'm thinking that motto should be copyrighted. Oh, and someone call Oprah!

Kate said...

Instead of just stealing The Renee's mantra, can I just steal her?

Anonymous said...

Renee is amazing, isn't she? Also, I have The Handmaid's Tale at home & would have been happy to ship it to you. Any chance you can cancel that order? I owe you anyway, darlin'. Can't guarantee I could make it to the post office tomorrow, but I have to ship Reneee her Christmas gift anyway, so I'll be there in the next few days, hopefully (Sorry, Renee, but didn't really need it until next Christmas anyway, right?)(It's still on my pool table, too)(Shame on me).

Anonymous said...

This has NOTHING to do with The Renee and how awesome she is (though she truly, truly is) but I wanted to tell you that MY little kid is potty trained. Hell to the yeah. He'd been doing well IF we remembered to take him every 30 minutes...last night he kept saying "I have to potty" and then would sit and do nothing. Which wasn't irritating in the least.

And then....he did it. And by himself. Because we were too lazy to supervise. He went poop in the motha-fuckin' potty, yo. How's that for Work it Out Wednesday?