Monday, March 17, 2008


is my mom's birthday!

I was going to post a whole long thing about how great she is but this whole delayed typing thing is cramping my style, so you're just going to have to take my word for it...she's the best.

So Happy Birthday mom!!

and sorry I called Frank a pussy.


Anonymous said...

The technical term for the delayed typing is "latency". Sucks, doesn't it?

Close out of some programs or reboot. Normally works pretty well for me.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I suppose it's apropos to ask, but IS Frank a pussy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much and no Frank is not! He is just sensitive and intelligent and knows about stranger danger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley's Mom :) Don't worry...My Franky is a total pussy too, maybe it's the name??
PS=Franky is a dog ;)
xo Catfish

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ashley's Mom!

Anonymous said...

I love your comments about your Mom's dogs. My Mom has always had weiner dogs, they really are the coolest.
Anyways, do you think Big Kid could answer a question for me...why do little kids always have to try to follow their parents into the bathroom? Thanks in advance, Big Kid!

AFRo said...

Happy Birthday Ashley's Mom! Glad that you've come into the closet with us... I tried to convince her to come out to you a long time ago about it.

Lynda Kay said...

Happy Birthday Ashley's Mom!! xo LK

Deb said...

Gotta be honest, Frank kind of looks like a pussy.

Sorry, Ashley's Mom. Happy birthday!