Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silly Sally

Sally somehow ended up hosting Easter Brunch for 23 people, many of them children.

Who wants to bet me a drink that Sally will be up drinking and/or crying Easter eve?


Let's share more cute Easter-esque ideas, recipes, decor, whatever.

Yes, this will require reader participation. I will brainstorm on it as well and will (hopefully) be updating this post with brilliant entertaining tips.



Anonymous said...

Check out this Lamb Cake, complete with pink nose:


Of coure, there is something wrong with anyone who could eat something this cute.

Unknown said...

The lamb cake is so cute!

Sally, have you checked Oriental Trading Company? I just threw away my catalog, but they had some really cute easter goodies.

blog author said...

how about for your Rice Krispie Treat Bird Nests, you use fruity pebbles instead...that'd be super colorful and easter-ish

jenn said...

We do a massive egg hunt (1300 eggs last year hidden all over our 2 acres...yikes) for about 40 of my kids' friends the day before Easter. In some of the eggs we put candy and in others "Bunny Money" which the kids can then redeem at the Bunny Store at which we "sell" pencils, stuffed animals, and all manner of dollar store and Oriental Trading Co. doo-dads. The kids LOVE it. They're total little wheeler-dealers trying to figure out what to spend their Bunny Money on.

After, we have brunch with all the families who attend. Ton of work, but gets me the Awesome Mom Award, right?

Misty said...

I ordered some games from Oriental Trading. Potato Sac Races, Ring Toss, Pin Tail on Bunny, and some other ones. I also ordered some prizes from them.

I have some easter bunny and egg pans I will bake and let the kids decorate.

Not sure on food yet.

Anonymous said...

Similar to your Rice Krispie nests, we're using waffle bowls, then baking cake batter in them so that the kids can use green frosting for grass. Then we'll add a scoop of ice cream and decorate that with candies to make it look like the chick. We'll also accessorize with Cadburry Mini Eggs (because those are my absolute favorite!).

My sister hides her kids' Easter baskets and they plant clever clues all over the neighborhood (when the boys were smaller, the clues were hidden in the house) and the boys have to find them... They look forward to their Easter scavenger hunt more than they do Christmas because it's such an adventure!!


Anonymous said...

Mimosas. And lots of them...

Anonymous said...

Okay, we also do a brunch, the mimosas being the most important part, of course... Everyone brings a dish. We hunt eggs, drink lots of mimosas and eat yummy stuff. I have made bunny cake a couple of times before, too, that was really cute.

Sally said...

You guys rock.

PaperCourt said...

I signed up for Martha's Easter craft emails. I've yet to try any of them but they look cute.

I did buy my boys new Easter baskets at PB Kids. I used the "89" code trick and got them for half price.

Christina said...

Here's my contribution...
A little liquor always livens up the party!

Easter Egg Cocktail:


1 oz blue curaçao
1 oz white crème de cacao


Pour the blue curaçao and crème de cacao over ice cubes in an old fashioned glass.
Float the half-and-half on top to taste.


Ashley - this is my first time commenting, but I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and it always makes me laugh! I can so relate to LK's antics (my LK is 18 months). But my BK is 12 - just wait for the fun times to come!

Sally said...

Again OT:

This cute new magazine is looking for contributors. It's pro bono work but the exposure might be worth it.


Anonymous said...

You could make these really cute Easter Baskets! I am making these for my family and maybe my office too!

Anonymous said...

This is a cute story, very true, and about Easter. Maybe you can even call it a tip. In reality, it's just my story.

One Easter when my kids were small (they're not anymore) I got up before the crack and hid the hard boiled and candy filled plastic eggs for them in the living room. When I was finished, I went back to bed. When the kids woke up, we went excitedly out to the living room to see what the bunny had left them.

Strangely enough, there were eggs all over the place in the middle of the room, none of them where I had hidden them a couple of hours earlier. It was an easy egg hunt for the kids, but it wasn't until our sweet dog, Lottie, started passing some serious gas that we realized that she had gotten up after I had gone back to bed and played with the eggs for awhile. We figured she ate six of them, because there were that many missing after the hunt. Her little piles of poop on Easter morning on our green grass were quite pretty. They looked like little mosaics with the bits of colorful shells in them!

Like I said, true story, gas and all. The tip would be to keep your puppy locked up cuz hard boiled eggs do nasty things to the intestine of a dog. Oh, another tip, be sure to keep the chocolates away from the dogs, too. Same dog, same Easter (but days later) got into my LK's basket (which he had left on his bed) and ate chocolate, followed by a visit to the vet for a stomach pumping.

Anonymous said...

Chaw Amy has a ton of really cute stuff at www.creativelyinvited.com

I've survived a Christmas brunch for 3 years. each year gets a little better 'cuz they expect less each year. Do everything you can in advance. I cook bacon and freeze it, then it just needs warmed up. Find a crock pot egg type dish that you can start the day before. Ashley has a great recipe for one(she probably doesn't remember but it's in a word file somewhere).

Joy said...

Go check out Kraftfoods.com they have a entire section on Easter from dinner, brunch, dessert and more. Cute cut out jello jiggler eggs and egg hunt ideas. I have one of those egg molds that makes 6whole egg jello jigglers they are Fun to eat.