Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dear Big Kid,

Do you think BK knows how to make my 2 year old sleep through the night? Please, does anybody know?


Dey sould do...covuh dere ears up. Dat's what dey sould do.

Yours Twuly,
Big Kid

Transcriptionist's note: Cute blog header Katie!!


AFRo said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if life were that simple? Goodness. What's that new linky over there?!?!

Katie said...

Oooo I disnt expect to get an answer!! Yay, I will inform her of how simple it all is when she wakes up at some point int time tonight. It took me over an hour and a lot of screaming to get her down tonight, I should have just covered her ears!!

Anonymous said...

I think BK is right. Cover your ears up and let that boy cry it out. Talk to him all day about how you are not coming in there and how he has to stay in his crib as long as it's still dark outside; remind him several times when he's going to bed. Do NOT go in there at all. After a few nights he'll realize his cries are in vain and hopefully give it up. ;)