Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picture Thieves

Someone just asked if I worry about posting pics of the boys and mentioned that someone stole one of the photos of her daughter off of her blog and now she is too paranoid to post photos.

Once again, the fucking psychos ruin it for all of us. I'd love to post photos of myself so you can all tell me how pretty I am, but within a week someone would photoshop a dick in my mouth and it'd be all over the internet.

When I started posting pics of the boys, I didn't realize so many people would see them. If Mr. Ashley could've predicted the future, there would probably be no photos. They are copyrighted, so if I find out about any abuse I just have to sick Uncle Lawyer on them, but who wants to do that?

I do worry about it sometimes and wished I had watermarked them all from the beginning or something, but I don't know. I guess I don't worry about it much.

If Parents magazine asked me to write a blog or article and wanted photos of my kids in it, would I do it? HELL YEAH. If Baby Gap wanted photos of my kids in their next ad, available to all of the perverts of the world, would I do it? HELL YEAH. I know Ashley's Closet isn't anywhere near Parents magazine or Baby Gap, but I can pretend.

There are photos of children everywhere we turn. Unfortunately, there are also pervs everywhere. I heard that someone who played one of the costumed characters at Disney World was arrested for having child just can't even start thinking about that stuff. There are SO MANY crazy people in the world, that you just can't even begin to predict where you may encounter one.

So maybe you don't post photos on your blog, but some creep at the waterpark is taking pictures of your kid with his camera phone. See what I mean that if you start thinking about it, your head will explode?

So pervs, take note...I will cut off your scrotum and force it down your throat without so much as a grimace if it comes down to that. Don't make me do it.

As far as internet trolls or crazy SAHMs or jealous bloggers or those weird foreigners on Orkut borrowing people's kids pictures to use as their own or to attempt to generate some traffic...that's just lame and sad. So no, I don't really worry about that.


Melodie said...

I feel the same way about it. I post my girls' photos and even their first names, but I make sure to not put any info that could lead to some crazy psycho or perv being able to track my girls down.
My girls are so beautiful that I just can't not post their photos and share them with the world. You know, sort of like your boys.

Maddness of Me said...

It's not crossing the line if I tell you where to go to see a funny pic. This girl Dooce (don't see her in your blog list) is a hard core blogger I love (kisses, love you more Ashley). She is really a website though and she is wide open so it's ok to refer here I think.

For the cutest dog pic (maybe it will cheer you up) ever, click on the daily chuck picture at the top.

Slacker Mama said...

I post pictures of my girls because I use my blog mainly as a "baby book" to record the things they are doing, funny shit they say, etc. While I in general don't call the girls by their names (though it wouldn't be too hard to figure out), I do try to not let too much information go out so someone could find us.

I just can't fathom being so pathetic that there are people out there that would pass off someone else's kid as your own. The whole troll thing was crazy to me too. I mean, how lame is your life to do that.

Mitch said...

I used to think that way too but I just got so freaked out that some stranger actually cared enough to download one of her pictures. I'm starting to relax a bit about it. When it first happened I pulled the whole blog, then remembered that I was having a lot of fun doing it and I wasn't going to let some insane person ruin it for me. So I put it back up, sans pics. Maybe I'll put pics up with blurred faces for awhile and see how that goes. Baby steps, its all about baby steps.

And I just used the word insane and now I've got "Insain in the Brain" in my head. Gotta go download the Cypress Hill video now.

Slacker Mama said... did you figure out that someone downloaded pictures? Now I'm starting to get paranoid...I mean, my kids are *damn* cute if I do say so myself.

RubiaLala said...

I do think crazy stuff like that and I choose not to post pics of my kid's face because of it but I think it is the choice of every parent how to handle it. I don't judge anyone and I love seeing other people's cute kids, it's like therapy in the middle of my crappy work day to see your sweet BK sleeping. Do I think that by not posting my kids' face on my blog that he's safe? Not necessarily because as you said, there are pervs everywhere, including public places we go.

Elizabeth said...

I have often wondered if I would put pics of my kids on here once I have them and frankly I just don't know. But you raise a good point. If the pervs want the pics, they will find a way to get them however they can. So I guess you just live your life and try not to stress about the fucking whack jobs out there.

Asshats ruin shit all the time and it pisses me off.

so tired said...

When I decided to start my blog I used some of the blogs I like to read as a guideline for myself. You and a couple others have always posted pictures of your kids and some even use their names. So I figured I would be safe to do it.

Plus, I know myself, I really enjoy getting to see a face with the story I'm reading about. Like you said the pervs ruin it for all of us. But that is everywhere. We have to be much more hesitant to let our kids do anything that we used to be free to do when we were young. I had sooo much more freedom than my kids will have. Better safe than sorry.

Maddness of Me said...

If you look at
she blogs detailed info about her daughter, with pics, her full name, and location.

That is one extreme.

I think the consern is mostly for the children who can logon to the internet and get lured in by predators.

That seems to have made everyone paranoid from every aspect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't worry about it too much either. Stealing any pic is really creepy, but obviously I'm not going to put pictures of them naked out there or anything. And of course when you have kids as cute as ours, how can you not share? I'm actually more naive about it than I should be, since I use their names and it wouldn't take 5 minutes to find our last name. It's common though, so oh well, screw the weirdos.

Joy said...

Yea I kinda sometimes think about it when I post pics of my kids on; it is kinda like a myspace but only for moms. I did make my page private so only friends can see it only because it says what city I live in.

I have posted their pics other places on the site but figure they will never find us and if I find a pic of my kid stolen I will track them down and do some serious damage.

AFRo said...

Could you possibly explain how to watermark a picture?

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I'm not really worried either. Believe me, I'm my job, I've seen the "In Real Life" perverts. The net doesn't scare me.

Anonymous said...

Ashley- you know you could avoid the problem of someone photoshopping your pic if you just posted a picture of you with a dick in your mouth to begin with :) lol

AR said...

You are so right! My m-i-l was all worried about my blog and the boys. There is not much info about our where-abouts and I like the fact that someone is interested in reading or seeing my pic. Why else would we be blogging if we didn't want others to blog surf and end up on our blogs? By the way this is my first time on your blog.