Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Big Kid,

I was wondering if you could help a girl out? I need a kick ass, um...booty, speech for my BFF's rehearsal dinner this weekend. You are so good at this maybe you could give me some suggestions?


See sould say um we sould play ball. Um, what is a speets? I could say "Can we dwaw?"Sould we... maybe dey could say "Can we go at da pawk?" Uh, Can we play um, tag? When you wun you catch somebuddy and you will get fwozen.

And we could have a pet! Dey could maybe play golf.

Yours Twuly,
Big Kid


Sasha said...

Is your blogroll gone for good???????? I use your blogroll as my blogroll... so I'm kinda lost right now.

Anonymous said...

He's a natural. I will be asking BK for help with my next one.

Katie said...

Maybe they should play golf... Do you think BK knows how to make my 2 year old sleep through the night? Please, does anybody know?