Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm Tired

so I'm just gonna skip the photography post for you all today, mmmkay?

It was just a baby picture, I'll show you another day. No vital or enlightening information to go with.

Tomorrow I have a shoot for a 13 year old's modeling portfolio. At TEN IN THE MORNING. That's really early for me. I'll be glad when Daylight Savings Time comes again and I'll get my hour of sunlight back

All in all, I did pretty good for PFTFF&FDF. Even if the Fancy Drinks ended up being Bud Light from a pitcher at Pizza Hut. We went there with my parents and then back to their house, which was fun, and qualified as Family Time. I also framed that black and white photo of little kid and the ducks and it looks amazing, which qualifies as Photography . Now I just have to start the whining and nagging regimen to get it hung.

So, I'm too tired for anything else this PFTFF&FDF and I have to be out of the house at 10am, I pretty much need to get started now.



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