Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tidy it Up Tuesday

Today is Tidy it up Tuesday, general cleaning day.

We are going to restate the plan, in more detail, for NLP:RD and I'm going to come up with a system (actually reminding you in the morning, every morning) to keep up my end of the deal. And make a link for it so it is easy to find in case you need to muse on it in my absence (God forbid I should ever be absent).

Because I need a NLP and some of you do too.

It's doable. It is totally doable.

I'm going to go do the dishes (I got a new spacebar, so I'm having difficulty not binging on my beloved internet addiction and fulfilling my needs to communicate...but the dishes are demanding attention at this point.)


Slacker Mama said...

Will the restated NLP:RD have drinks associated with every day of the week...not just Suds it Up Saturday? I'd be much more likely to follow if that were the case, since I've really only been successful on Saturdays and Work It Out Wednesday (with Wine!).

Maddness of Me said...

the pails are sold out now :(

Unknown said...

Slacker, I *love* adding wine to Wednesdays and that is part of the need for the rewrite. Also, we do need more mandatory fun things too.

Kimberly, just contact her, she can get more of the fabric.

Sasha said...

Yes, I too would like a "suggested drink" for each day.

May I suggest:

Monday- Margaritas
Tuesday- Miscellaneous Tequilla or Tropical drinks
Wednesday- Wine or Well drinks (your choice)
Thursday- Misc Tequilla or Tropical drinks
Friday- Flaming drinks or Fancy drinks (need more than 2 ingredients)
Saturday- Suds (beer)
Sunday- since it's the Sabbath- wine is probably best

Unknown said...


I love Fancy drink Fridays, I've always wanted to try more fancy drinks.

We might switch Thursday to Thirsty Thursday, a sort of Free for All night.

This is good, the plan is evolving.

Anonymous said...

Tequila Tuesday. I'm about to get started. I can't do Tidy Up Tuesdays because I babysit. Why I am not sure. But as the mother of 3 boys, this one little 4 year old girl drives to toward the Tequila for sure. Oh, if I hear my name one more time, I may scream. No, please don't say it....


Sasha said...

Yes, that is a good plan for Thursdays!

People do better following "plans" when you give them some leeway.

Sort of like the Weight Watcher point system. That's what our NLP:Suggested Drinks will be like.

AFRo said...

Um... Mr. AFRo cleaned the toilet and did a load of laundry while I read your blogs. Does this count?