Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Work It Out & Wine It Up Wednesday

Only 1:30am and I'm already checking things off the list.

Oh, the benefits of being an insomniac! Oh, the joy of sitting here eating without the dog and little kid circling me like vultures! Oh, the silence without a 4 year old talking endlessly about meaningless, nonsensical crap!

I have:
Made a portfolio photo book to display at the charity auctions
Ordered V-day party pics for Big Kid's class
Ordered small bound V-day party book for Big Kid
Got Catfish's wedding reception pics to her (Yay!! That was a comedy of errors. I will NEVER deal with wedding photos on a professional level, thanks. It felt good to get that one off of the list and now I can move on to her wedding gift which will be waaay more fun. Learning Lightroom with 8 trillion wedding pics was a bad idea.)

Tomorrow, or later today I guess, technically, I have that newborn shoot (awww!) and more work stuff to deal with.

Stuff is getting checked off the list though.

AND I've already had some wine.

Drinking & choring is the way to go, for sure.

What are you going to accomplish today?


Ms. Skywalker said...

I'm going to get through the day without sobbing and clinging to Big A like the crazy that I am.


So there.

And you thought I was going to accomplish something.

Multislacking Mama said...

Rock on with your WIO&WIU Wednesday. I have a list of shit to do that I don't want to do. I may just claim a mental health day and go to work and sit there and slack.

That sounds far better than work.

Ashley said...

Yesterday was a snow day. In Arkansas mind you and all I heard all day was endless nonsensical chatter from a 4 year old. I didn't get one thing done unless you count numerous spanking and grounding threats that I never follow through with as productivity. But today, I promise.

I must start on that baby blanket. I must put something new in the Etsy shop. I must clean at least one toilet in the house.

If only I could have a drink.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen these places? Super cool camera straps for the trendy pro...

...and you can RENT lenses from this place so that you can try them out before you spend all that money to buy them!

Anonymous said...

I love NLP:RD-rewrite. I don't have a plan for Work it out Wed but I'll need the wine. Why? I am done with the snow. Done. It's another snow day here (I am in Michigan, but still enough already). I get to listen to mindless chatter from 3 children. I don't care about the PS2 games, really I don't. Do they think I follow when the go into great detail of how the defeated some bad guy, cause I don't, because I don't care. Okay enough already, they probably need to eat.

jenn said...

It's our dang SEVENTH snow day here in Maine. I plan to let the children play WII until they bleed from their ears while I skip the "Work it Out" and head right into the "Wine" portion of the day.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, I've been looking for somewhere to rent lenses!! And I have a pimped out blue and brown camera strap :-) LOVE IT!

Snow people, there are places in the world without snow. Us intelligent folks have migrated there (or are parents did and brought us with them). Sucks to be you!

People, if doing whatever you have to do to get through the day is all you can accomplish today, then you have worked something out. Ideally, you could find one other small thing to do, even a load of laundry or cleaning out your purse. ANYTHING you don't want to do counts. Instant success, my friends.

Slacker Mama said... are good!

Today's work-it-out tasks are:
* Call Arbonne-hocking friend that I've been avoiding.

* Get 18-mo-old to fall asleep without me in the room and/or getting hysterical.

Fun day for me! If I get them done, I *definitely* deserve some wine.

Maddness of Me said...

I am going to inform my new husband that he isn't my pimp and that he doesn't get to veto what I spend money on (I am employed quite nicely so WTF is his problem?)

Anonymous said...

Okay so I've come up with a good one. I never use the snow blower. I shovel the snow it's a good workout, really I do feel this way. And I do love to shovel and I do love the snow, I have just had enough of it for this year. So to get to the point... My WIOW plan is to figure out how to use the snow blower. That's part of the reason I shovel. I don't know how to use the SNOW BLOWER, there I admitted it and I don't feel any better.

Anonymous said...

Te he. Drinking and choring? I love it!

I'm stealing that one, k?

Anonymous said...

I cleaned 2/3 bathrooms this morning... it counts as "working it out" because I've avoided them for about a month.... now to do that last one....

October said...

Ok, so I'm really motivated and everything, but being a working-mom I really don't have the time to organise myself that much. Even though that would probably make my life a lot easier and more fun. I wish somebody could come to my house and hold my hand through this. And I'm still in a different time zone.
And also, tonight I have to go and work way up in the snowy mountains without internet for a few days and so then I'll be REALLY screwed.

So good luck to everyone, and I'll join you as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Drinking and choring IS better...which is why no chores are done, now that I can't!

Maddness of Me said...

I've decided to work out the fact that my spring clothes from last year are ugly - so I will shop Gap online today for all those cute tops they have on sale. Then I will sell my old stuff on eBay. If that's not working it out I don't know what is!

Maddness of Me said...

I need to stop reading so fast because my eyes are starting to play tricks on me. I read 'drinking and whoring is the way to go' first. Had to re-read it. I guess sometimes both apply :)

Note to self: schedule eye exam

Anonymous said...

I worked some things out before getting up this morning. I convinced my hubby to do two of the errands I was going to do this afternoon! That's an excellent way to work it out, as long as he actually comes back with what I need.

Anonymous said...

for wio/wiu I went to walmart, and before calling in a Rx that had no refills, I actually called the dr's office myself! i get 2 points for doing 2 things i hate :)

i did a good deed too - an old lady started talking to me about cake mixes and i ended up giving her 3 coupons for stuff she had in her buggy.

and after we get through with ccd tonight, i will definitely be in the mood for wine, but don't think it's gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I've already faxed in all the new ins. cards for the fam,lined up a playdate, called about my car being fixed. woohoo!! AND...I've got homemade soup on the stove. =-P

A cold bud light (or 2) is ready when I am. lmao!

Anonymous said...

I called the bank and they restored my access! Then I opened and organized all my mail and wrote down who I need to call NEXT Wednesday (baby steps). Thanks for the motivation!

AFRo said...

I got my television commercial cast scheduled. All 50 of them! I've been putting that off for the last two weeks. I feel accomplished.

Mom Of 3 said...

I got the house cleaned and finally picked up the tote full of papers in my room!